Friday, February 27, 2015

CC Hair Extensions

Hey guys! Here is a quick sponsored post from CC Hair Extensions.

CC Hair extensions

CC Hair Extensions specializes in hair products from hair weaves, cheap human hair extensions clip in, styling tools, and more. They have 20 years of experience working with human hair in the hair extension industry. Their website is very organized and you can see video reviews here. Note that I have not purchased of reviewed any products from this online store. This is an informative post to show you all what they offer in terms of product variety. 

Flexi rods 10pcs per pack

I use these flexi rods to curl my hair with no heat pretty often (of course before the hair cut) and it works really well. You get old school Taylor Swift curls with these and it's re-usable!

12 inch Natural Black(#1B) Natural Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 3pc/lot

CC Hair extensions also offers a variety of hair weaves based on hair texture such of course, curly, kinky, and more. This one is the natural wave weave. You'll be able to find the hair weave in the style you want since their shop has a wide array to choose from.

16 inch Dark Brown (#2) Indian Remy Tape Hair Extensions 20PCS

Here are Tape Hair Extensions. I've seen a lot of women use these for nights out where they want a different look. They clip the hair extensions in under their natural hair for a longer look. They also have these available and many different hair shades, not just black and brown. 

Thanks for sponsoring this post CC Hair extensions! Be sure to swing by their website and see what they have to offer if you are interested. Thanks and take care!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

YaYtag and YaYwallet Feature & Giveaway

Hi guys!!

I hope you are all well and dandy. Today is an exciting post featuring a wonderful etsy shop called YaY Novelty featuring YaYwallet and their new line called YaYtag.
YaY Novelty is an American manufacturer of ultra slim wallet/credit card holders, ID tags and reusable bags. The company was founded in 2014 with a mission to create everyday lifestyle-enhancing products by manufacturing high-quality goods that evoke the expression of the consumer’s personality.

I had the opportunity to review YaYNovelty's wallets and YaYTag's new line of luggage tags.

The package came in a envelope and all the tags had professional packaging.

I absolutely loved the professional packaging and overall design of these products. they are perfect to gift and would make great stocking stuffers during the holidays as well. If you like what you see, swing by YaYTag's Kickstarter and pledge $10 to get your choice of a YaYwallet and YaYtag. :)

For the YaYwallets ($10), the prints were even more beautiful in person. I immediately saw the secure stitching and stretchy but sturdy fabric as described. I know I will get to use these minimalistic wallets for a long time. :) You could fit as many credit cards as you want in these and it will stretch back into it's normal shape once you remove the cards. I usually carry about 5-8 cards so this is what it looked like.

As for the YaYtags ($4), they were also just as pictured with thick elastic cords to wrap around your bag's handle. I plan on using these or travel on luggage bags because it will be easy to spot out my luggage with a burst of color on them. There were so many designs to choose from as well so they can accommodate to any age range or sex. 

What's extra cool about YaYtag is the dual information cards attached to each other. Just on first glance, you can only see the name slit on the tag. But let's say your luggage got lost and someone was trying to identify your information. They would have to take the extra step to open up your tag to see the rest of your personal information such as your address of phone number. I thought this was really smart since people could easily just swipe your information from you while you are in an airport or train station if you your tag has everything written right on it's surface. YaYtag's unique design not only adds quality to it's sturdy plastic tags (that are great for any kind of weather) but security for anyone on the go.

I'm so impressed by the versatility and quality of every brand under YaY Novelty. I can see them growing their YaYwallet and YaYtag brand more and more. :)

Here's a little interview and shop feature so you can see YaYNovelty's funky work.

Women's Slim Wallet Credit Cards Holder - Functional and Fashionable YaY Wallet - Day Dreaming BlueWomen's Slim Wallet Credit Cards Holder - Functional and Fashionable YaY Wallet - Do You Remember
$9.99 YaYwallets - DayDreaming Blue // Do You Remember

1. How did your shop get started?

YaYwallet was first created out of my frustration in finding a fun slim wallet and part to generate income for my foundation Year Zero. Year Zero Foundation supports children in my homeland of Cambodia. The launch of my first product YaYwallet was well received and led to the birth of my company YaY Novelty. YaYtag is my newest creation.

2. What is your favorite product to design/make? 
YaYtag. The possibility is endless.

3. What’s the most challenging part of your line of work?
Marketing is very challenging.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!! There will be 3 winners for this giveaway.
Each prize pack includes 2 YaYwallet and 2 YaYtag of your choice. They ship internationally!

Good Luck~~

Connect with YaYNovelty!

Kickstarter campaign

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A long long Winter

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I wrote a "me" post. I have so many awesome sponsors lined up for you all so I've been busy working on those collaborations for February. :) I also started working to save for grad school while hearing back from grad schools so it's been really hectic. The good news is that I got through my interview for one school and an acceptance letter to another program. I just need to continue with this waiting game now for the other schools to reply. Yay!

So... it's been ridiculously cold, rainy, and icy lately. I actually think I have the same cold from 2 weeks back lingering-- mainly in my throat-- and it's just not going away. It's really frustrating only breathing through one nostril every other day. Hah!

The other day, everything iced over and the trees looked SO pretty. 
It's a good reminder that anything seemingly bad can have benefits too. It's never just bad. 

Yeah... I know I'm a dork. My mom said I'm such a "romanticist" after seeing these photos. But hey, they are beautiful and it's nature so why not enjoy it? It's free!

Thanks for swinging by the blog. :) Be happy and stay warm. <3
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Khaki's Bomb Balm Giveaway

Hey guys!

I have a special giveaway and feature for you with Khaki's Bomb Balm.
She is a returning sponsor and today, she is offering an amazing giveaway and opportunity to contribute to her Kickstarter campaign. Yay for businesses growing and developing!

Let's get to know Khaki and her mission:

Hi I'm Khaki, owner and creator of Khaki's Bomb Balm. Khaki's Bomb Balm is an all natural, small batch, handcrafted skincare line formulated by me, a long time esthetician and true lover of all things green beauty. Khaki's Bomb Balm is completely pure, made from only the best ingredients found in nature.

These products are different, they are formulated and tested by a professional esthetician whom has worked with every kind of product under the sun. They are also easy to understand, I believe you should know exactly what you are putting on your body. I skip the scientific mumbo-jumbo, why do people use scientific names on ingredient labels? To sound fancy? : ) Personally I like to recognize what it is I am using. Khaki's Bomb Balm has everything from facial cleansers and exfoliants to men's shaving cream and even Bum Balm for babies! 

The Kickstarter campaign is designed to help me become more efficient, have to ability to create new wonderful products, over all expansion and to open my own skincare studio in the heart of downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts, a beautiful and quaint seaside community. I am hoping to be able to make Khaki's Bomb Balm products even more accessible to people and to be able to provide outstanding and truly all natural skincare services in a relaxing spa-like environment :).

Be sure to swing by Khaki's Kickstarter hereThis giveaway is amazing and I am already jealous of the winner. Here are the prizes:

The Anti-Aging Rosehip Lavender Cream is a super silky day and night time moisturizer with tons of vitamin A + C, lavender and raw african shea butter to soothe, heal and fight signs of aging. A little goes a long way!

The Grapeseed + Grapefruit Cleansing Milk boasts raw honey, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, baby mild castile soap and more. It will leave your skin feeling super clean but without feeling stripped or dry, your skin feels nourished and bright.

The Dawn Rewewal Face + Eye Serum is a light weight facial oil that contains grapeseed, rosehip and meadow foam seed oils as well as wrinkle fighting frankincense essential oil. It sinks in quickly and rids the skin of lines of dehydration.

Good luck everyone! 

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