Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Halloween Nail Looks

Hey everyone!

I finally got to film my halloween inspired nail art collection for 2014. I incorporated classic and new ideas for anyone who needs some creepy cute nail art inspiration. 

My favorite has got to be the vampire teeth!

New product reviews and artsy fun is on the way.

I just got through midterms and I'm so proud of myself for getting to that half point marker.
I hope you guys are all doing well and leave your happy thoughts below!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Lookbook

Hey guys!

I haven't done a fashion post in a while. Here's a little lookbook of things I'm digging lately.
With fall here, I'm ready to wear my boots and comfy cardigans. Yay! I hope you guys enjoy this little comfy fashion post! :D

I always love neutral finds because they are easy to match and accessorize. No one said you can't wear floral in the winter guys~ :D 

I always love getting some fun vibrant shoes. They can make your casual outfits extra fun and even a little dressy. I have a weakness for bows so here are two cute bow shoes-- one pair of pumps and one pair of flats. 

I think it's pretty awesome dressing up a light airy dress with some edgy black boots. It's like an angel meets devil look if it's done properly. So I chose two maxi dresses that I think would both look nice with these black heeled boots. Which one would you like better?

Thanks for reading today's post! I'll be collaborating with Lovely Shoes on a product review soon so consider this a sneak peek! Yay! ^.^ Take care!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Lisa Frank Wedding?! :)

Hey beautiful people!

I was recently a contributor to a fantastic Lisa Frank inspired wedding shoot.

Man, I used to LOVE Lisa Frank. Buying decorated school supplies always cost more and it was a luxury that my family didn't have. But, I had ONE Lisa Frank binder that I cherished for years. It had a colorful cover and velcro clasp. It was so precious that I didn't even use it for school and just used to it store my art and other creative writing.

Take a trip down memory lane with me!

I love all the vibrant colors and fun animals they used for their designs. These were just some of my favorites! Here's a link to the blog post on Friendors with all the video footage and photos outside of the ones I am sharing with you here.

This concept was just enough color for a wedding and curated beautifully. The bride's makeup and the use my my origami stars blew me away! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Take some color with you! :) Find my stars here! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trinkets by Dana Fall Giveaway

Hey beautiful people!

Gosh it's been so weird updating my blog like once a week rather than twice a week or more. I'm sorry for my absence! School has been treating me well and my lab midterm is next week so that's one hurdle down followed by a 7 chapter test the week after. Hopefully, it will ease up after the midterm hurdle. 

I hope you guys are all doing well. It's been really tough juggling my studies with grad school applications. Personal statements can always get better so I'm still refining this and that on it. It's amazingly crazy thinking that by the beginning of 2015, my whole life is going to change. I might be in a completely different state on my way to a lot of school debt but I'm really excited to apply to an MSOT program. You know when you want something, you'll just keep going until it gets closer and closer. It feels so close to me right now that I'm really in that last sprint to the finish line. Just know that whatever you are up to and trying to accomplish, you can get there. Good luck!

For my absence on CTN, I just wanted to do a little Happy Fall giveaway. 
Here are some popular trinkets at trinkets currently!

Natural Bohemian Chic Hair Bow
Bohemian Hair Bow
100 Under the Sea Origami Stars
Under the Sea Origami Stars
Ariel's Dinglehoppers Brass Tone Earrings
Ariel's Dinglehopper Earrings
I love you guys for supporting even though I haven't spoken to or met you all.

Here's my international Happy Fall Giveaway.
3 pairs of silver plated earrings made by me:

Moon and Stars
Golden leaf
Origami Star

I went with an autumn and star theme. :)

This is an international giveaway.
Remember to follow all directions per entry otherwise, the entry will be disqualified.
Good Luck!

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