Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super Sponsor Giveaway: Indian Journals

Hey beautiful people!

We are blasting off our week long giveaway party with a returning Super Sponsor!

If you remember the lovely Indian Journals, they're back and ready to offer you another amazing product review and giveaway.

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Indian Journals present One of a kind hand made journals using Up-Cycled Patchwork Embroidered Sari's, Brocade Saree Fabrics and Indian Art Screens using with Eco-friendly materials such as Recycled Handmade Paper. Each journal is a piece of art, special and unique in its appearance and RTS ready to ship.

Vishruti of Indian Journals is so sweet and genuine to work with. I hope you enjoy my review of one of her large sari journals and greeting cards. Indian Journals packaging is always nice and fitting. For international mail coming from India to the U.S., it arrives at a timely manner every time. Plus, Vishruti is so sweet to work with and wrote me a separate thank you card as well. :)

Here is the large journal and random blank greeting card I received. The greeting card was blank inside, high quality cardstock, and came with a white envelope. It was a nice little add-on to the journal that I received from Vishruti's other stationary shop: Paper Plaza.

I chose this gorgeous blue and turquoise sari journal that I fell in love with immediately. ($8.99)
The details on this sari journal were truly exquisite with beautiful sequences and threading for extra detail. I'm a tactile person so just feeling it makes me happy because I can tell how much work went into creating it. I can't believe how inexpensive these handmade journals are! It's one of the most gorgeous journals with handmade Indian paper inside. The paper is thick and durable for all your thoughts, drawings, etc. 

Here's what the back looked like. Technically, you can choose which side you want as the front or back also! My favorite colors are cool colors so purple, blue, and teal just drive me crazy. I thought it was a funny coincidence that Vishruti of Indian Journals made one with my all time favorite colors.

It's stunning! The texture of the sari fabric and sequences add so much personality to this journal. Each journal at Indian Journals is also one of a kind since they are handmade and won't ever look identical to one another. For that very reason, I feel special having my own and I think it would be such a marvelous gift! The middle of the journal is bound like so below and very durable in it's simple design.

Here's a size reference just to give you an idea of how big it is in my hands. I reviewed a medium sized journal last time and loved it's on-the-go size. This large journal is still light and easy to carry around in a backpack, tote, or medium sized purse.

Let's move onto some of my favorite items in stock and some fun interview questions to get to know Vishruti of Indian Journals!

Big Indian Sari Journal,Pink Red Sequins, Ornate Sari Saree Cover, Blank Sketch Book, Illustration Journal, Idea Presentation Book, Handmade
Large Sari Journal $8.99
What made you decide to start creating and designing journals?

Vishruti: Since my teens, I have always been interested in Eco, Organic, Recycled, Earth-Friendly ways of living. The idea of saving trees slowly led me to foray into paper products made from recycled and handmade paper. I also started to show keen interest in re-using and up-cycling leftover fabrics into creations of usable art. Likewise, coming from a design background, I nurtured a very strong inclination of developing and using aspects of Traditional Indian Folk Art in our everyday lives. Something that could become a part of our daily routine and not just remain obscure in libraries. Indian Journals was thus born out of my fondness to re-use fabrics, of handmade paper and of my passion to revive and work with Traditional Indian Folk Art.

Sling Bag, Hobo Bag, Everyday Use, Patchwork Embroidery Sari,OOAK Pink Party Bag,Embroidered Bag, Stylish Tote Bag, Gift for her, Girls Gift
Sling Hobo Bag $9.99
Share with us your creative process in designing pattern and color combos for your products-- is it spontaneous or planned?

Vishruti: The word is spontaneous.My days are full of vibrant colours as I mix and match remnants of Embellished Sari's , Cushion covers, Embroidered Dupatta's. It’s remarkable to see how beautiful and distinctive each Fabric Covered Journal can emerge. The Traditional Art designs are again amazing creations, especially when we see the same Indian Folk Motif turn vividly different just by playing with colours. Every journal seems to be a living being with its own special character and moods !
Large Indian Paisley Art Journal, Light Pink, Blank Pregnancy Book, Special Memories Journal, Maternity Gift, Keepsake, Big Plain Notebook
Large Indian Paisley Journal $8.99

What is the hardest part about making a journal?

Vishruti: Neatness. There are machine slips and wonky papers. So the hardest part is definitely to create a product and make it look stunning at the same time. 

Dana: The 2 journals that I received so far were both really clean with pages well stacked, cut, and threaded. They are made with so much love!! 

That's my review and giveaway! I hope you guys enjoyed the photography of my journal and the products that Indian Journals offer. I love the eco-friendly upcycling of embellished fabrics and paper to create such beautiful journals. What a great idea!

Now for the giveaway!!

One of you lucky birds can win a medium sized journal of your choice along with 5 greeting cards for your stationary collection. :) (The picture on the right is my instagram post)

NOTE: Indian Journals is #2 on our rafflecopter entry list. You can enter all viral point entries at the top and then enter all 3 entry options just for this lovely sponsor.  Be sure to leave a comment on what item you favorited/liked best on etsy as a comment on this post! Good luck!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cabin Trip and Whitewater Rafting

Hi cutiepies!

I had a wonderfully long weekend in the mountains with some friends in North Georgia and Tennessee. I wanted to share some things if you ever plan on doing a cabin trip or white water rafting while sharing my time there.

Let's start off with cabin trips. Here are some tips I learned from planning and participating in this trip:

1. Keep the group size relatively small. Most large cabins hold up to 10 people but usually have bed arrangements for 8. We had a group of 8 and although everyone got a bed, we had to draw from a deck of cards to fairly distribute the king rooms from the twin size beds. 

2. Group up and make a meal plan and grocery list. It will save you so much money over everyone bringing their own food to shove in a crowded fridge. We did continental style breakfasts with eggs, bacon, and toast along with a dinner meal plan. All other snacks and personal preferences were catered to individually.

3. Don't grocery shop together if you are hungry. lol. Don't overbuy food because you should have grocery stores near you to buy more food if needed. Don't go by the size of meat packages but the weight as well. Note that 4 pounds of beef can feed 8 people and we were crazy to buy double the amount of meat for the trip. Haha!

4. Make everyone in the cabin clean up after themselves so that no one has to clean up everything on their own. If people are in charge of their own dishes and mess, everything should stay clean!

5. Look up local things to do so that yo guys don't get cabin fever. Resting in the cabin is fun but it could get boring for a stay longer than 3 days! We went to a local orchard that had baked goods, wine, fruit picking, and an awesome view. It was free to check out as well unless you wanted to buy something. 

6. If you plan on hiking nearby, the location may not have restrooms. We had to split up and pee in the woods so come prepared. Bring water and a backpack with maybe a snack. Our drive up was pretty terrible because our sedans couldn't handle 5 miles of gravel road as well as a jeep or truck. Look up where you are going and ask locals about the drive if you want to make sure your car can handle it!

7. If possible, have a bonfire one evening with smores and campfire stories. It's fun! Don't forget bug spray though. The bugs are like 3 times larger in the mountains!

Whitewater Rafting

1. We used groupon and got half off of the beginner/intermediate river rafting and booked in advance.

2. Come prepared with comfy clothes that dry quickly like spandex swimsuits, or workout clothes. Ladies, don't wear anything revealing or too short because this is a VERY active sport. Your arms and legs will be flailing everywhere during the rafting. Make sure you eat something and hydrate yourself beforehand as well.

3. Bring waterproof sunblock. We did 5 miles on the river and it's a lot of sun exposure to sit through!

4. Leave your keys with the front desk and belongings locked in the car.

5. No one fell out in our group but you have to be a very avid listener to follow directions!

6. Having a full set of 6 people is the best for the group but I saw people with just 4.We had to slit up our group of 9 for rafting so keep that in mind as well. You don't want to be with strangers. When you pull people back onto the raft, it's literally a crotch to face situation and our group were all friends so we found it hilarious. With a stranger, that would be a pretty awkward experience falling onto someone's crotch. :'D

Overall, this was a super fun trip. It was jampacked and I pretty much knocked out every night for bed time. I also caught a cold from someone in our group so I'm sure the cough medicine helped but yeah. There was not a dull moment. My group and I even finished this 2000 piece puzzle during the trip.It took the whole trip to finish but it was so much fun and challenging. Here's speed through video on the progress!

Enjoy! I'll be updating very soon with lots of fun ^.^

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sammydress Review: Lunch with the Girls

Hello chicas!

I recently went out with my sister and an old friend to grab lunch. I had my two review products with me so I decided to review those products while I was out and about. I realize this is a late post but I've been up late ever since I finished my Chem class. Sleeping in is awesome but it does ruin your sleeping schedule. :\ Plus, I took a 2 hour nap today. Oh my.

I reviewed two products from Sammydress -- sandals and a knuckle ring.

Let's start off with my casual sandals that are $20.71

I was immediately drawn to these sandals because they were this khaki brown that is easy to match my entire wardrobe. The little gold rings were a nice touch to the weave like design created by the thong of the sandal. They were flat and comfortable for a summer day as well.

I wore them all day to shop around and they didn't cause any problems or blisters. The quality looks very durable and I was really glad I picked these sandals!

Moving onto my little v shape ring, I can't believe that it's only a $1.30!

These knuckle rings are really in style so I decided to try one out. It fit comfortably and close enough to my knuckle that it felt secure. I have slim fingers so it looked best on my middle finger since this is a OSFA ring.

I'm also sharing my nail art tutorial here as well since as you can see, I have some pineapples going on! I feature my ring in here as well so you can see it on my finger for a better idea of what it looks like!

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick review and post. Definitely check out Sammydress for all your summer accessories and clothes. It's so inexpensive and chic. You'll love it!

P.S. Here is the molten lava cake that we shared during lunch... yummy!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Revisiting the Mountains Soon...

Hi cutiepies!

It's been a few days since I actually looked at my blog and kind of looked over stuff. I successfully completed my Chem class and just needed a break from everything. All I've been doing lately is hanging out with boyfriend and playing pc games. It's been a well-needed great escape! I really need to learn how to relax so that's also something I am working on.

I am actually going on a cabin trip with some friends at the end of next week and thought about revisiting my photos and editing some more of them since I have so many! This is the same same from slightly different angles. Mountains are so serene!

I hope you guys enjoyed these calming photos. I will update you all once I get back from my trip. I've been working hard planning the 1000 follower giveaway party due in early August as well. Yay! 

Happy Mid Summer!

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