Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Introduction to Occupational Therapy

Hey guys!

I realized recently that I talk about school all the time but I haven't shared a post on what Occupational Therapy  (OT) is! As you all know, I'm pursuing my Masters Degree in Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy currently. It's still a growing field as it hasn't been around for too long but it's a wonderful career. 

So what is OT?

Yeah, I know. It sounds like I help you find jobs but that's actually career counseling or career coaching. The word "occupation" refers to your daily tasks which encompasses any "job" from going to work, doing the dishes, taking care of your kids, etc. Think about it. "Work" is really the exertion of force which means you are working while you read this by holding up your posture and balancing their body weight against your desk and chair. So everything is an occupation but it's meaning changes depending on the individual's interests, career, and lifestyle.

Simply put, OT is creative problem solving that enhances the quality of one's life by making them more independent, confident, and happy. There are OTs in many different fields of healthcare and depending on the population they work with, it can always look different. The main three populations are pediatrics, adult rehabilitation, and mental health but we are not limited to these populations. Some OTs attain a Doctorate degree and create their own specialized types of Occupational Therapy like Ocean Therapy. Super cool! The end goal is always client-centered therapy to help enhance the client's daily lifestyle through MEANINGFUL occupations.

I chose this career path because I wanted to be able to use my Psychology background and interest in art, well being, and working with people actively all in one profession. It combines aspects of counseling, creativity, and problem solving to find unique ways to help people achieve a better quality of life based on their limitations, difficulties, and/or illnesses. So our line of work will be perceived in various ways by other people because it involves a combination of work and play.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know what OT is if they or someone close to them hasn't received OT before. OTs work in hospitals, clinics, school systems, and even in the corporate world. It is not to be confused with Physical Therapy (PT) as their goal is more focused on the body's mobility and function. OT is focused on the everything between the mind, body, and soul so we are more holistic in nature. A phrase I heard can sum up the difference between a PT and OT nicely. "A PT will teach you how to walk, but an OT will teach you how to dance." With that being said, OTs and PTs work closely together in many settings to improve the health of a client together. No hate, just know how to differentiate the two fields. :) 

Here are some examples of what OTs can do in different fields:

1. Help patients who suffered a stroke regain their motor functions by encompassing their daily lives (their interests, hobbies, jobs, etc). 

2. Working on sensory integration or other deficits with a toddler who lacks balance or motor coordination.

3. Helping people who are recovering from a physical injury like a car accident regain their muscle strength and teaching them adaptive ways to go about their lives while they are weak.

There are SO many other places you could observe OT in action. But the main take away from this post is that we aim to enhance the quality of one's life through their lens. We all put value on different things and something that's important to one person may not be for another. What is meaningful to you (like painting or sports) may not be meaningful to others. To some, being able to walk is more meaningful than being able to put on clothes without assistance. Looking at all your abilities on this level really changes how you see your list of occupations. Therefore, our practice is goal-oriented based on the client's wishes to be able to do something again or do it better. And that's what makes our field so unique! 

I hope you guys leave with a better understanding of Occupational Therapy. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Black and White Queens with Wishes Bridal

Hey everyone!

I am long overdue for a personal blog post but it's been such a hectic summer. I have 2 more weeks left of my summer semester and so many amazing sponsors are contacting me to work with CTN. I feel so blessed. Today will be a featured post with Wishes Bridal

I will be sharing some adorable short homecoming dresses with you from their collection.
I also made sure that these dresses were suitable of evening parties outside of a homecoming event for people like me or older since high school was a long time ago! I also made it a black and white theme because why not.

I thought the shape and sequencing on this black sweetheart dress was really beautiful and somewhat galactic. The silhouettes the lace patterns make are really cool as well.

This one shoulder organza dress has the prettiest lace detail!

Last but not least, here's a glamorous hi-low sweetheart dress. What a metallic top!

Alrighty. I hope you guys enjoyed my little themed dress post. I will be posting soon on life updates as my classes come to an end. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kawaii Box Giveaway

Hey beautiful people!

I am so excited to share this company and giveaway with you guys.
Please welcome Kawaii Box to the list of Cheers to Novelty sponsors.

kawaii-box-price-4Kawaii Box
Kawaii Box sends 10-12 handpicked cute products straight to your door step every month to anywhere around the world for the same price of $17.30. 

I received their June box for review and made a video unboxing everything!
Here's my video for the unboxing and giveaway rules!

Here are some photos of the products:

I enjoyed the variety this box had to offer. The nail kit didn't have glue so I wasn't sure how to use them but if you're already into nail art, it would be okay to use for parts of supplies. I also failed to make the kracie bubble jelly diy candy correctly because the directions weren't in English so that was some experimental fun. I will most definitely have the best use in the little keychains and lead pencils as I am currently a grad student. What would you like to see in your Kawaii box?

I team up with Kawaii Box to offer an international reader a chance to win their very own Kawaii box!! Yay. Here is the giveaway!! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Would you wear a short wedding dress?

Hey guys!

Here is another sponsored post with Milly Bridal. Since it's the wedding season, I figured these would be great and relevant posts to many people right now. Pass it along if anyone you know needs to go dress shopping soon. :)

It's interesting that women have really different preferences to dresses. Would you ever wear a short wedding dress? Traditionally, wedding dresses touch the floor in most cases but more and more stylish short dresses are surfacing. Here are some of my favorite cheap wedding dresses from MillyBridal.

Strapless Mini $107.42
Sweetheart Wedding Dress - $132.61
V-Neck Tulle Satin Dress - $133.96
Thanks for checking out my post and shout out to Milly Bridal for sponsoring Cheers to Novelty!

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