Friday, January 12, 2018

Art Challenge 1: Alpacas Underwater

Hey everyone!

My friend and I started this really fun and silly art challenge where we throw out random topics for our next art inspiration. It gets pretty weird but it keeps things fresh and creative.

Over a phone call, I shared that I wanted to draw something underwater related and she said she wanted to draw an alpaca. And bam. We combined the prompts. The results are always fun to look at, compare, and share with the art community. So... I'm planning on sharing them all here!

Here is my friend's very.beri:

Here is mine trinketsbydana:

They ended up so differently. I love how charming and whimsical Beri's turned out with the pastel colors and carrot fish. It would be perfect for a bathroom wall art or even in a nursery room.

What do you think? If you like to make art, try this with a friend. You'll end up with the funniest topics. :) Enjoy! Happy weekend everyone.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Special Events with Milly Bridal

Hey everyone!

Today is a special featured post for all of you dress lovers and seekers. I teamed up with Milly Bridal to share some of their lovely formal gowns and dresses for many occasions.


Prom Dresses MillyBridal

MillybridalUK offers everything from wedding, bridesmaid, and prom dresses.

I was browsing their wedding dresses and loved how many options there were. Its nice because custom make and tailor your dress to fit your needs. Made-to-order products feel so much more authentic and original to me as well. I saw this lovely lace wedding dress that I want to share.

Milly Bridal also has an extensive collection of prom dresses including various red prom dresses
This off shoulder one has a Belle from Beauty and the Beast feel to it. Love the off shoulder look it has!

And don't forget black prom dresses! Black dresses are always a classic since you can wear them in so many settings. I remember having a hard time finding a simple black dress online for my friend's wedding. I wish I knew about Milly Bridal back then because they have so many styles. Most of their dresses are offered in different colors at a very affordable price. I love the white flowers running down this trumpet mermaid dress

So that's just a little snippet of what Milly Bridal has to offer you all. I must say that I am impressed with their wide selection. I also appreciate that they have many customer reviews and photos, which makes the buying process so much easier in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this post. BE sure to check out Milly Bridal if you need a dress for a special occasion soon!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I know I haven't been very consistent with posts but when i looked at this year's posts, I noticed it was all of my travels. This honestly made me so happy because I accomplished so much in travel and adventures. I think it's a great way to get to know yourself and what the relationships around you mean to you. So many people are talking about new year resolutions and what they plan on doing to change themselves when we are changing every day. At the end of the day, if I've been reflecting on myself and who I want to be regularly... and going for it... I feel that I am meeting my "resolutions" every day. It doesn't have to be one day of the year that you are allowed to make changes in your life. You can initiate change whenever you want!

Right now, I'm in this transitional point in my life where many things feel uncertain. But I was reflecting on it and realized that it's all just perspective. Technically, we all wake up with expectations of what our day is going to be like or what we plan to do. But nothing is guaranteed. And with that being said, every day can feel uncertain. But instead of perceiving it that way, I would say most of us wake up with ideas and goals for ourselves to accomplish, whether its simply getting out of bed on time or accomplishing something in our professional or personal lives. Expectations are so interesting and even toxic in a way. It's nice to know what to expect to a certain extent-- it's nice to know the unknown. But it's also not nice when these expectations fail us or fail others. Or even worse, when you feel like you've failed someone else's expectations of you or your abilities.

As I get older and work my way through my 20's, I see this confrontation between our expectations and other's expectations transpiring in scary ways. It is what it is. It's a confrontation. And if you ask anyone if they like confrontation, my bet is that they will say no indefinitely. But what I'm learning about myself these days is that confrontation with myself is the worst. And sometimes, it leaves you thinking that the problem isn't you, but the pressures around you that are the core of the problem. Like parents who don't support your life decisions or society quietly whispering in your ear that you are inherently doing something wrong when you're simply doing it differently. It's not an easy thing to think about or to deal with, but it's been happening on the regular for me these days.

If I learned anything in 2017, it's that it's hard to put yourself first, but you have to learn to prioritize yourself. I set many expectations for myself without truly considering how many external factors went into my decisions and motivations. To some extent, how we want to perceive ourselves and what we want to see in ourselves can be based off of family and society. There are often precedents we aspire to follow or pressures that make us feel this is the right or maybe only path to take in life. But, when it comes down to how you want to live your life and what you want to do, you have to accept that not everyone is going to approve of your decisions. And even though it may not feel like it at first, that's okay. As long as you're happy and healthy. If people truly care about you, they will be happy for you or eventually come around to accepting that your decisions are your decisions to make.

Happy New Year everyone.

Do everything with love.
Don't be afraid to fall.
Learn how to fly.

Cheesy ending over and out.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Kawaii Box Unboxing and Giveaway

Hi everyone!

I just love working with Kawaii Box on these reviews and giveaways. Here's a new one for all of you who are always asking when the next opportunity will be! It's here! Right on time for Thanksgiving.

I tell you everything you need to know in the video below. Check it out to see what was in my Kawaii Box and earn a chance to win next month's Kawaii Box!

Cheers to Novelty Kawaii Box Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Good Luck!!

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