Thursday, October 30, 2014

OASAP Clothing Review

Hello pumpkins!

I'm starting to run out of endearing names to start these posts with and I just had a big slice of pumpkin pie. hehe. :) But just in case you don't like being called pumpkin, hello cutie pies.

So today is another fun review with a new wholesale shop from Asia called OASAP.

OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery  accessories, beauty products, etc. 

OASAP was founded in late 2011, and has already grown to be the leader of high fashion online stores. We keep updating products at a high rate every day. Now we update more than 300 new products each week. The products mentioned before definitely belong to the latest fashion trend.

They odder worldwide shipping and free shipping for $50+ orders.

Here are two pieces I found on their site just to give you an idea of what they offer!

I got to choose a piece to review and here are some details before I get started.

OASAP's website is professional, easy to navigate, and has a unique selection of European and Asian trends. They also offer 30 day returns which is great since online shopping doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. It's one of the few Asian wholesale shops that I know that has a very clear return policy which is so great if you need it! 

Here's what my package looked like. It arrived within 2 weeks which is great for oversea shipping and they updated me with a tracking number. 

I picked out this high low ombre sweater in lavender purple. 

Ombre High Low Sweater $22.90

It looks exactly as pictures and I chose purple because I have a lot of blue/greens in my closet but not purple. Plus, the ombre color fade looked so lovely that I went for it.

Jeans- Papaya
Necklace- Eternal Girl
Clutch- Coach

This is a knit sweater so it needs to be hand washed. It really is a drastic high-low and I've never had a high low shirt so this is new to me. It covers my butt entirely with a loose fit overall. The color fade is so lovely! I just wore a skin tone tank top underneath since the sweater is porous/somewhat sheer. 

I styled the sweater with skinny jeans and some wedges. Since the sweater is on the long side on the back, I think heels add a nice boost to the outfit and overall shape of the body. You can still wear comfy shoes with some height like me (you can't see my feet. sorry) that are easy to walk in. 

Here I am outside in the sweater. It's still lavender purple at the top and it's perfect for this fall weather I'm in right now. My dog photobombed me. :)

That is the end of my review! I hope you guys enjoyed this and definitely check out OASAP for some cool an trending fashion statements. Who knows~ Maybe I'll have more product reviews coming up in the near future with them. ;) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lovely Shoes Clothing Review

Hey everyone!

If you guys remember my lookbook recently with Lovely Shoes, then you know a review was headed your way. Lovely Shoes is a wholesale clothing and shoe store that offers Asian and street fashion.

Chiffon blouses round collar vintage stylish women clothes AD-FF-A845_Short Sleeve Blouses

I got to review two handpicked items and I'm going to share all the details here~

Let's start off with shipping. I live in the U.S. and this came from Asia within 2 weeks. That's really great shipping time considering how far it's coming from. Here's the package. It came in a plastic bag and each clothing product was separately packaged.

Let's move onto what I picked!

Black lace Cardigan $12.70

I got this lovely free size black cardigan that I absolutely loved! It's free flowing and even though it's "Free size", it has a nice structure and fall to it. I would say for a free size, it means up to a size medium. I'm a medium/small and this fit me fine but I don't think the fabric is stretchy enough (especially in the sleeves) for a comfortable large fit. Asian clothing sizes do run smaller so don't necessarily take free size as "okay it will fit me" and be sure to look at the measurements.

I love the little shoulder lace details to this cardigan and how easy it is to throw it on over any casual outfit. It's going to be a great staple piece to my wardrobe this winter!
Chiffon Blouse $6.70
This chiffon blouse so so pretty and bohemian that I had to get it. BUT! I was so sad because it's just a tad small. I got  a medium and my bust size is 88cm. They said 90cm for medium but they also warned me on the listing that every batch of clothes made can range in 2cm or so. I was pretty bummed because I really love the design and feel of this shirt. It's very soft because it's chiffon and there is an invisible zipper on the side to help you wear it and get out of it. This shirt is very lightweight and great for people who work in warmer environments or get hot easily like me. The bohemian print and overall design is really fun and unique.

Their medium for US size is definitely a small in my opinion (the tag for this blouse said US size 4 but this wasn't on the listing) so make sure to read the measurements! Also, the picture looks like a more wide and loose fit but mine fit more snugly to my body. Luckily, my mom loved this shirt and instantly called dibs on it after she knew it was small on me. :)

I paired these two pieces together with a pair of jeans and oxford wedges for today's casual look.
You can see the cardigan's lace peeping through my shoulders with the chiffon shirt under.

My overall experience with Lovely Shoes was great. They were friendly to talk to and I had no trouble checking out. You'll get a tracking number for your order and the two products I received were true to it's color and size. Just make sure to read the measurements carefully!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my little product review. :)
Thanks Lovely Shoes for collaborating with me!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rosegal Fashion & RoseGal Coupon!

Hey beautiful people~

I'm here with a sponsored post from Rose Gal.

Rose Gal is a wholesale sight with jewelry, accessories, clothes, and more.
They offer worldwide free shipping with really good prices.
Here's what their homepage looks like.

I will be sharing some products from their shop so you guys can check them out!

They have a huge jewelry collection~ Check it out here

Fashion Leaf Tassels Embellished Rhinestoned Night Owl Shaped Pendant Sweater Chain Necklace For Women
Leaf Tassel Owl Necklace $2.28
I thought this owl necklace was really cute and I love the leaf tassel detail. Very unique!
Fashionable Scoop Neck Night Owl Pattern Batwing Sleeve Sweater For Women
Vintage Owl Scoop Neck Sweater $20.25

Rose Gal has a vintage section that is really sentimental and retro since a lot of the tribal and floral prints are currently back in style. This sweater looks so fuzzy and warm!
Loose Long Sleeeve Scoop Neck Solid Color Women's Dress
Long Sleeve Black Dress $11.27

Here's a simple black dress that would be lovely for layering even in the winter. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the looks that I pulled out from Rose Gal. Special thanks to Rose Gal for sponsoring this post as well.

Here's a coupon code for all you shoppers!

8% off Coupon Code: joeyCgil

Here's how you can use it!

Leave a comment on what you think about Rose Gal!~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eyepster Review and Giveaway

Hey guys!
I'm here with a special treat as I have teamed up with Eyepster to offer you guys some funky and fun shades. :D Eyepster specializes in pinhole eyewear with a variety of inspirations and selections for parties, weddings, kids, and adults. I will be reviewing some choice sunglasses and host a giveaway!

Here's a little bio on Eyepster:

Started in early 2010 by husband-wife team, Eyepster- A young American company born and raised in Miami, Florida, drives it success off a simple idea of self-expression and creativity! 

The unique concept encourages customers to create, design and most importantly, connect with their shades. Eyepster fits any atmosphere as it is created with innovative printing technology and tailored on made to order requests. No matter your style preference or upcoming event -birthdays, weddings, team spirit - With over a thousand designs to choose from, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Redefine with Eyepster J

So let's get to my review! I had a very professional and smooth experience working with Eyepster on my review. My products arrived quickly and safely in this condition below:

Eyepster let me choose 2 sunglasses to review so I went ahead and picked out some artsy prints that matched my personality. All shades are $12.99 with free shipping in the U.S.

I chose this LOZ White Wayfarer Pair ($12.99) and this Galaxy White Aviator Pair ($12.99).

So here's the description for all the shades at Eyepster:

I'll just go down this list to note some details about Eyepster's eyewear.

1. The pinhole effect is accomplished by the image sitting on top of the eyepieces much like high quality stickers. So if you wear them, you will see through a bunch of holes for the pinhole effect. These would be great for party favors and photo booths since they are so colorful and unique. I personally wouldn't want to wear them driving but you can if you want. You can still see everything through them so I would base this decision on your vision sensitivity. But I agree it's minor impact on visibility. 

2/3. I think it's really neat that it has UV protection and that it's waterproof. You don't have to worry about it getting wrecked at a pool party or something along those lines. These shades were both sturdy and fit well-- no slips or lack of grip. I haven't dropped them or scratched them yet but from what I can see, the shades are a nice quality for $12.99. They feel smooth and have some weight to them like higher priced shades-- not just cheap plastic.

4. I agree that these are all unisex shades and based solely on your design preference.

5. I did not receive a pouch for my shades so I can't tell you anything about that part!

I personally like the fit of the wayfarer a little more on my face but I got a pair of aviators just to see the sizing. Which one do you like better on me? They're both pretty rad aren't they? I'd love to wear these to the beach or to the pool for a fun pop of color. I also like that they cover my eyes as well so that that the design is clear. :)

Here I am being silly with the shades. The top right photo makes me laugh because it wasn't initially going to be a part of this review but it turned out so perfectly with the excessive grinning. :D

I've seen photos of how brides and grooms incorporate Eyepster's wedding shades into their wedding photos and it's super cute. You can even get the sides personalized!


Photo: Customize your shades to the MAX with our new option to print on the arms. Place your name, a date or a sweet saying. Skies the limit when it comes to #Eyepster. Send your requests to Hello@Eyepster.com #Custom #WeddingIdeas #Personalize #Perfectday #PinIt

As you can see, in light, the images on the shades are just as crisp and colorful.
You can really see the pinhole effect on the picture to the left. That's the kind of vision you'd be seeing through and my best description of it is like looking through a wider window gauze frame. You can see everything just fine but it's just through that "holey" and dim effect. It's pretty cool!

On top of that, Eyepster carries a huge variety of designs and colors! 
Cartoons, nightlife, wedding.. it's all at Eyepster.
Photo: Its always a Party in the USA with Eyepster! Get your #flag at Eyepster.com #PartyShades #USAFlag #Patriotism #USA #America
Photo: Garfield shades by Eyepster are the Cat's Meow! #Garfield #Funnycat #GarfieldandFriends #Eyepster

Alrighty! I hope you guys enjoyed my review. I'm looking forward to wearing my new funky shades! It's now time for the giveaway! Woohoo.

5 lucky winners will win their choice of a pair of Eyepster sunglasses.
This giveaway is international so you can all enter! Just read and enter correctly to avoid your entry being disqualified. :) Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Direct link to Rafflecopter giveaway here!)

Eyepster is also cross promoting trinkets as well so yay!

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