Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Sale & Internet Safety

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I checked on my blog and I'm still not used to checking it less since school started. I hope everyone is okay with the slower posting schedule. :)

Anyway, it's a long Labor Day weekend and for me, it's full of studying! My Anatomy class moves at such a fast pace that I need to come in prepared before my professor teaches the material. Basically, I need to know the material before I go in and get a review from the lecture! But I must say... the body is pretty cool. 

For the Labor Day weekend, I am having a big sale at trinkets!

Be sure to check it out for gift ideas and more! 

I'm going to wrap up this post with some Internet safety that I worked on with SingleHop. This is perfect timing since I know how big internet shopping is nowadays and with Labor Day weekend sales, here are some reminders! I picked 5 things that I personally think need to be paid attention to when using the internet. SingleHop wrote a detailed description for each of my no-no's so that I could bring awareness to these points. Enjoy!

The Pitfalls and Dangers of Posting & Sharing Private Information on the Internet
The Internet is a powerful tool for information, communication, and education, but it's a tool that I recommend be used as carefully as possible. Internet users need to be wary of what they share online in order to protect their privacy and to keep from becoming vulnerable to Internet viruses, hackers, and even certain offline dangers. There are three things in particular that Internet users will want to be sure they don't share online for their safety and the safety of their friends and family.
Financial Information, Especially on Public Wifi
Being able to pay your bills and shop online is great, but you'll definitely want to be careful how and where you share your financial information. The Heartbleed Bug impacted a variety of popular social media and financial websites. The way that the online attack worked was that hackers were able to take advantage of some of the vulnerabilities found in OpenSSL servers and gain access to personal and financial information stored there. While entering your credit or debit card information to pay for something online is a lot safer and more secure than it used to be, you'll still want to use a great deal of caution to properly protect yourself. Never share financial or personal information over a public Wifi signal since you never know who might be phishing for information over the same signal. Also be wary when storing your credit card information on websites for future use, as this can also open you up to additional vulnerabilities. (Dana: I had a friend who used to use her card info on public wifi signal all the time and experienced identity theft twice in the same 6 months!)
Vacation Plans
No matter how excited you might be about your upcoming vacation, you'll want to refrain from discussing where you're going, how long you'll be there, and when you're leaving. The reason I say this is that when you share or even store your vacation plans on your computer or on someone else's computer, there's a chance that the information can become compromised. If a burglar happens to learn when you're going on vacation, you might return home to see that you've been robbed and your home ransacked. I recommend that you only broadcast your vacation after you've come back from it.
Before you get too excited and decide to share pictures of yourself, your family, and your friends online, think twice. A majority of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a special ruling in their terms & conditions that states they can use your images however they like without your permission. In addition to this, most of these social sharing sites have servers that store all of their users’ information -- even after it has been deleted from the individual’s page or profile. This means that anything you post online has the potential to resurface at a later date. It also means that hackers might gain access to your information if they figure out how to break into these servers. It may seem like chances of this are slim, but just this spring, millions of people’s online information was hacked during the Heartbleed Bug.
On the other hand, however, there are many websites who make sure to use secure servers which have the most up-to-date security patches in place. If they cannot handle doing their own networking in-house, they can outsource it to cloud hosting and data center companies such as SingleHop. There are many important factors for website owners who choose to host through an outside company, and security is one of the most important. SingleHop is great because it can get you set up in a matter of minutes, and they always make sure to have the most timely security measures in place. Because of this, their servers, and therefore their customers, weren’t subjected to the Heartbleed Bug.
Many individuals already have firsthand experience of how frustrating and sometimes frightening it can be when your identity is hacked or your financial or personal information is stolen. With a bit of caution, vigilance, and useful information, you can avoid becoming a victim of Internet information theft or seeing your imaged used either online or offline without your permission. Before sharing, think about both the short-term and long-term effects of sharing your vacation plans, images of your friends, or your financial information over a public Wifi signal and online in general.

Have a great long weekend everyone! Stay safe while you're doing all that online shopping!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Curl Your Hair with Ribbons!

Herro beautiful people!

So I started school and it's already given me lots of studying to do. Here comes the chaos. :D
Luckily, I enjoy anatomy. ^.^ 

Fun fact I recently learned: Our gums are made out of keratin. The more you floss in the crevices between your teeth, the more the strengthen the keratin which protects your gums from abrasion. Sugar and other products like to sink into the sulci (grooves or dips) between our teeth and the reason your gums bleed when flossing is because your gum's keratin is not strong enough to deal with that abrasion. So... more flossing equals more resilient keratin forming on your gums! P.S. I need to floss more.

Moving on, I wanted to share a no heat hair curling tutorial with you guys that I recently posted on Youtube.

It's really easy to do and sleep in so I hope you try it out if you like curling your hair. My curls lasted all day and by the end of the day, I had those lighter beachy waves that I love as well.

I hope you guys enjoy. I'm off to workout, shower, and study for the day to prepare for this week's class. 

For today's inspiration reel from tumblr:

Have a great week everyone~ Sending you good vibes. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School it is...

Hey guys!

I start school tomorrow... technically today since this post will go live tomorrow. I can't believe I'm already at my last semester of prerequisites and applying for grad school. It's so nerve wrecking to think that I have finally reached the defining moment in my life where I can cement my career path with a program. It's been a long journey (and still going) trying to apply for MSOT programs but I will slowly and surely get there.

The hardest part for me was definitely not the rigorous anatomy classes but the self doubt and burnt out feeling you experience inbetween your busy moments throughout the day. My worst critic is myself and before I go to sleep, I can't help but think about what I can do or what I'm not doing enough to make myself a better person tomorrow. It sounds so fluffy and ridiculous but it's true. I mainly think about what I'll be doing the next day to keep myself accountable and busy. It works sometimes and other times, you just know you really need a break.

That's one of the biggest things I took away from 2013-2014 so far. You cannot accomplish anything without giving yourself a break. I thought I could keep running on fuel that I wouldn't have later on and really pushed myself this year academically. I even took a miserable summer class to pace for this application cycle but I really needed to know I deserved to take it easy until fall semester. I tried and even though I probably could have relaxed more, I think I am getting better at letting go or at least easing off my crazy workaholic ways. If any of you guys are a workaholic, just know that your body and brain need rest to do it's best!

I wanted to share some photography I recently edited and watermarked. They are all available to purchase as prints. My friend recently moved into her apartment and started law school. I'm so proud of her but her walls are a little bare so I thought I'd give her some options from my portfolio!

I have SO many photos that I still need to edit but here are some from a botanical garden I went to and one from Ireland's botanical garden as well. :D Flowers are so naturally beautiful. It's amazing if you think about how all those colors just naturally grow on them. :)

I'm going to end today's post with this informative video I found. It shows what your maturing skin looks like and what it looks like with sunblock on. It's crazy. You SHOULD WEAR SUNBLOCK everyday!!

Have a lovely week everyone! :) Make small goals and win every week! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dreamy Dresses: Aviva Dress

Hey everyone!

Aviva Dress is sponsoring today's post and letting me share some of my favorite dresses from their online store. Aviva Dress sells luxury dresses from wedding gowns to formal/prom wear. Disclaimer: I have not purchased from Aviva Dress before. This post will be discussing products that I like and think are aesthetically pleasing! All the gowns that I picked are under $100 everyone. :)

Let's begin!

I wanted to start of with a special occasion dress that would be my personal pick if I had an occasion to wear it. It's simple and refined in my favorite teal/turquoise color. The bottom is made out of tulle which is feminine and fun. The one shoulder and bedazzled belt caught my eye as well.

Tulle Summer Evening Dress
I found a wedding dress in the same style and thought it was lovely as well. It has just enough "fairytale" to it in my opinion. :) The little headpiece with this chiffon dress really comes together nicely.

Chapel Train Chiffon Dress

Moving onto some pretty prom dresses, I gravitated towards this mint one shoulder prom dress. Can you tell I love the asymmetry of one shoulder dresses? The detail on this one is perfect running across from shoulder to waste in a intricate flower-like detail.

One Shoulder Chiffon Prom Dress
For formal occasions, I think I've always been a sucker for long dresses. How about you?
Of course, there are perks to both long and short dresses. I think long prom dresses look more elegant but shorter ones have more flare and flirt. Luckily, Aviva Dress has a wide collection of long and short dresses.

I also really appreciate that Aviva Dress has a gorgeous collection of plus size dresses that are exactly the same as many of their of regular sized dresses. I think every woman should have the option to choose from a range of styles and colors in their own size. :) This coral red really pops and makes me feel happy while the alluring glittery top adds a great ornate detail to the overall look.

That's the end of my little dreamy dress collection from Aviva Dress. Thanks for swinging by and reading. ^.^ Let me know what kind of dress you like and gravitate towards. It says a lot about your personality!

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