Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Banggood Giveaway

Hey guys~

Here is a little surprise giveaway for all of you who can use some new clothes. 
I've been preparing what I need for grad school little by little and this sponsor, Banggood, offers a really versatile and inexpensive line of women's clothes.

Here are a few things that I am eyeing in their shop right now. I'm always looking for casual and comfy clothes that I can wear to school or out anywhere. But I am also trying to collect some comfortable blouses for the work scenes during fieldwork, business casual events, and interviews. 

Yay! Now for the giveaway.
One international winner will choose any item from Banggood's women's section.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are bonus entries that you can enter through as well. Leave a comment saying which ones you complete if you decide to do any of the following:

1. Like and share this facebook post about the giveaway.
2. Follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin, or Google+
3. Pin this giveaway picture on pinterest

Good luck!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

All About Watermarbling Nails

Hey guys!

If you know anything about nail art, I'm sure you have seen tons of videos and pictures of beautiful watermarbling on nails. I tried it out when the craze first started and realized it was just too much work for nail art. But recently I tried it out with my sister and found that it is really a 2 person job. 

Here was my first attempt at it.

I thought it turned out pretty good for the first time but there were some small mess ups and bubbles here and there. I decided to put Glitter Lamb's "It's Snowing Cotton Candy" glitter topper on top to give it a more galaxy-like effect. I like both looks differently. How about you?

So the second time my sister decided to do her nails, I decided to help and film the process. Hope this overview is a better explanation to how water marbling works. I always wanted tips and tricks on how to do it efficiently but most of the videos I find are speed through instead. videos instead.

Here it is:

Definitely try it out for fun if you haven't already. I'll be filming another easier water marbling tutorial soon. :) 

A few key things that I noticed:

1. If your nail polish drops into a ball to the bottom of your jar, you're holding the polish too far from the jar. Hover right above the surface of the water and you won't have to measure the distance!

2. Bend your nail to fall flat into the water as evenly as possible. The more parallel your nail is to the water, the better it seems to attach to your nail.

3. Do not stop in the middle of marbling to do something. By the time you come back (even for a few minutes), the polish will dry on the surface of your water. Finish the nail and then take a break if you must.

4. No specific brand works better to me, just make sure the polish is fairly drippy and not thick.

5. Taping saves so much time. Get some dollar store tape so it won't be too wasteful.

6. Stick to all metallics or creams. Don't mix and match layers.

Hope you guys enjoy this one and have a great weekend.

I'll be enrolling for my classes tomorrow so the hardest part will be over very soon. Yay!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Why you need Sunshine.

Hello everyone!

Goodness me. I feel so behind on my blog and regular content. Sorry for being so MIA. 
I've been really stressed finalizing my move to L.A. for grad school for no major reason. I have a very timely personality if that even makes any sense where I like to get things done ASAP. But with the loan process and the overall layout of how grad school paperwork goes, it hasn't been like that all. There's a lot of processing times and me sitting around wondering if i missed anything important. At night, the only way I can fall asleep is by making lists of things to do the next day. It's absurd and totally unnecessary! So I started to hit various departments with all my questions at once just to clear my mind and ease my heart. Hopefully, that helps... a lot. :D

With that being said, I was also feeling really sluggish and overwhelmingly down by what felt like minor depression. I decided to change things up and go hiking at a nearby park recently. I think connecting with nature is really important in keeping you grounded and happy. I did all this research on what sunshine does to your body and decided to make a video about it while showing you the view of Tallulah Gorge. 

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Here are some great quotes to get you through this week:

I hope you always find a reason to smile

Anyway, I also decided to make a series of posts for my blog on all things USC and grad school so that other anxious or interested students can follow my journey. I'll probably be blogging a lot about school and stuff related to the health science industry. 

Today I'm giving you a list of places to find cheap airfare. I didn't realize there were so many websites just like Expedia and Orbitz that are more geared towards savvy students and travelers. 
Check them out if you are interested in cheaper airfare!

Note: Fridays and Saturdays are the most expensive days to fly.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest!


Good luck and have a great week!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Get Lucky

Hey guys!

It's been so chaotic preparing to move half way across the country. I started working on my vaccinations and loan applications...but sometimes, you just need a day to yourself. I recently babysat and the 2 year old loves to go outside. As we enjoyed the sunshine, I discovered a patch of clovers and found about 15 within 5 minutes. It was fun and I haven't done that in a lone time!

Then it got me thinking.. I should share the process on with you all!
So I'm back with a fun video on my four leaf clover hunting adventures.
I made a video on how I approach finding them and drying them as well.

Have you found a four leaf clover before? :)
Facts about four leaf clovers:
♥ Four leaf clovers come from the White Clover plant called trifolium repens.
♥ Each leaf represents something different: Hope, Faith, Love, and the 4th is luck.
♥ Authentic clovers display a white watermark or herringbone imprint on each leaf.

I decided to sell my authentic four leaf clovers on Etsy for people who want them but can't find them on their own. They make great gifts and craft projects. At this rate, I can probably sell them at wholesale price too. :D 

I believe luck is a mindset. If people say you are lucky, it's because you work hard and find opportunities for yourself. Sure, some people may have a little more luck than others with random things like finding money on the ground or showing up somewhere at the right time and place. But when it comes to your accomplishments, everything you worked for is what you deserve-- not luck. Let's make sure that is clear!

So that's it for today. I should do a school update post but it's exhausting even talking about it sometimes. The funny thing is that the hard part is essentially over because I got into an amazing program. But I realized recently how much fear and doubt can do to you. It's so simple when you think about it. Pursue something, be motivated, and succeed. Doubt causes so much uncertainty and overthinking that you don't need in your life. If you are experiencing this or ever feel like you are, stop. You are doing great and everything has a way of working out when you put effort forward. I'm going to earn a Masters.. maybe even go for my Doctorates in a program that will cost me hundreds and thousands of dollars. But I'll be doing something that I love everyday and that's what counts. If you let every little thing stop you from heading to your goal, you won't go anywhere. Don't make excuses that don't matter and don't hide behind your fear. Just go for it (prepare of course) but don't put your dreams on pause so much that it doesn't get to play. It's unhealthy and debilitating. Everything will be okay. :)

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