Monday, April 4, 2011


I had a draft going for the past week where I would have this page open and not know what to write. I have plenty to say, I’ve just been saying it elsewhere. I’ve been confiding in mostly journals– abandoning my post here. I read some of the older entries and noted how I’m always talking about how I’m in this paradoxical state of wanting people to read this yet not. Then I dwell on it in curiosity and possibly fear as to what would happen if I had readers. Odd.

While I’ve been m.i.a with blogging, I’ve been getting through the tough school weeks and dealing with sickness. Weather shifts are awful for my health and skin. My parents both developed pollen allergies and its awful hearing everyone’s coughs and altered voices.
I’ve been mostly working on artistic endeavors in my spare time. It’s thrilling. I’ve hit the point of debating what direction I’m supposed to really go into. I don’t want the roads to diverge but to intertwine if possible.
I’ve been mingling with different things– for one– Japan Relief. I donated $35 and have $5 on hold until it reaches $10 to donate. I wish I could fundraise and donate more often to causes. :\

I’m hoping I can continue to raise money for it, even it seems more important to help when it happens. Japan needs all the help they can get right now. I’m glad people I know are still on top of donations and the cause.
To finish this very delayed update, I’ve been working on giveaways and promotions for other artist bloggers.
I recently won my first giveaway from originallyme‘s blog and I wanted to give her shop some more spotlight.

Click them– buy them?!
originallyme, also known as Lindsay is a full-time college student (like me) pursuing an Architecture major. Her jewelry with its bursts of vibrant but natural colors show personality and her love for unique construction as well. The love and attention to detail she puts in each piece equals brownie points and she is open to custom orders. That deserves a cookie. :) Juggling the college life with etsy is no easy feat but Lindsay takes on the challenge gracefully and it shows. Keep at it– I love your work!
Thank you Lindsay for the earrings– I can finally tell people I have won something before aside from that one 3rd place bowling trophy I got when I was 4 years old. haha! They gave me bumpers… and I was a lucky bowler.
Anyway– everyone! My next giveaway will be with the fabulous originallyme. I will keep you posted and hope that you all return to participate. It’s easy entering so why not? You have nothing to lose. Until then, please browse her blog or shop.
Yup! I think they are the most colorful earrings I own now. :)
More updates to come. La la la. Notice how often I used, “I’ve”.

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