Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get to know Lauren (DoodleBoopDesigns) & giveaway!

I have been recently throwing ideas back and forth about blogs and shop ideas with Lauren from DoodleBoopDesigns! She is wonderful and you have gotta see all the cute hair accessories and jewelry in her shop! Here is a mini interview!

How did you come up with your shop name?

My Dad has called me his little Boop since I was only a few months old. It has always been his nickname for me. I call my daughter Doodle. It is my nickname for her. Since she inspires all I do, I decided on the name DoodleBoop!  (That's so cute ad clever--carries sentimental value too!)

What is your favorite material to work with while making accessories?

I love any kind of crafting but I guess my favorite material is yarn. I love to crochet! It is so relaxing and it's really neat to turn a piece of string into a flower or some other beautiful item with just a few knots! There are so many different kinds and colors of yarn and it's so hard to choose which to use sometimes! (Agreed. Yarn does wonders and I have seen firs hand because my sister is a knitting bug...too bad I jut don't have that kind of patience!)

How do you find time for it or when/where do you prefer to work on things?

I usually work on my crafting at night when my daughter goes to bed. Sometimes if my husband is off from work, he'll take care of the little one so I can get some products made and posted on Etsy. I have a home studio and do all of my work there. I have been crafting all my life and have a stock pile of supplies. If I find inspiration somewhere or get an idea to make something, I dig through all my supplies to see if I have what I need to make it! (That sounds like me too-- us artists really use our time efficiently)

Well, there is a little snippet on DoodleBoop Designs! Go check out her shop or blog.
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Easy huh? Check out her facebook as well for updates.

Here's a little giveaway for you guys! You can just leave 1 comment and number the entries to win earrings from my shop-- fresh and unique dangles!:

1. Like me or DoodleBoopDesigns on facebook.
2. Follow me or DoodleBoopDesigns on our blogs.
3. Go to Lauren's shop & favorite your favorite!
4. Tell us how you can relate to her interview in any way.

Good Luck! Giveaway ends May 21st. :)

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P.S. There is this beautiful bracelet giveaway here and please read the interview. It's amazing!
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