Sunday, May 8, 2011

HollyByGollie is wonderful!

So I recently won an adorable little bookmark from HollyByGollie's shop and wanted to share! The dolphin bookmark looks even better in person and  it's such a sweet trinket when you are reading.

As a college student, I have to crack open those awful Statistics book and this bookmark will probably put a smile on my face from time to time to pull me through my tedious readings!

Check out their site because they sell a lot more than just cute bookmarks.

Here are my favs:
Adorable Class Floral Magnets.
Large In Bloom Envelopes.

Give her shop some love. Everything in her shop is really darling and the colors are perfect for the summer!

Thanks for having the giveaway and mailing it out so soon Holly! Best Wishes.

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  1. hi, friend! i awarded you the stylish blogger award! check back to my blog to continue with the fun! :)


  2. I hated stats! Get a nice book cover to disguise it! lol


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