Friday, June 17, 2011

Etsy Tips: What a good profile DOESN'T need

WARNING: I am not an expert-- etsy tips are my personal opinions and things I have noted. I don't mean to attack anyone's methods but only get you thinking and re-evaluating because that is what I seek constantly as a growing artist on etsy. Hope you all feel the same!

Here goes...
We all do it sometimes-- get lost in the details and don't really know what to take out or keep in. How do you make the perfect About section without rambling while managing to hit all the key points for your customers on etsy...

There are times when customers and fellow etsians will message me, having read my profile, to share something with me. Here are the notable points that seem to get their attention as well as mine.

1. Who you are.
2. Where you are in life.
3. Other social network links.

And the rest is unnecessary.

Although people seem to be big on details, you really just need one to get customers hooked and that is your biggest responsibility/asset. For a mother with kids, making adorable hair accessories in her spare time, her hook is that she is a mother, yet taking on an extra load of laundry by choice. For students like me, it has been noted several times by different people I work with that it is really cool that I can find a way to balance the two. So in the end, what you do outside of being a big-time artist is the fascinating point we all want to know!

Here's a format that I find works beautifully.

Name. What you do. Links. That's it.
Don't worry, your description can come in all different formats and still make the simple cut:

Check out these shops as well-- applaud their brevity! collettakay and LitKnits

[And note how different these two profiles are. LitKnits talked more about her etsy/art experience which is fine. Just don't go overboard!]

There is no need to share anything else like what kind of fabrics of materials...ingredients you use in making your products because you cover this all in individual listing descriptions. If not there, there is a section right below the About section to list your favorite materials! Please use that space instead!

My policy is for the profile to not be over the "Read More" limit. Basically, etsy will let you ramble for only so long until you mess up the box alignments on your public profile page. Then, they give you the death sentence-- a "read more" link. If your links are at the bottom, people have to press that link to see them! That's a pain don't you think?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to press something to open a new pop-up box just to finish a paragraph about your artistic inspirations. I have a whole page dedicated to that here on my blog as a tab. If people want to read more about you, just provide the necessary links for them to get to know you. This not only condenses your profile, but it splits your traffic.

Oh, they find you interesting? Just wait til they see your blog or your facebook! Let them get hooked and like your page, follow your blog...let them go all out rather than stay on etsy's profile page!

Another quick thing I'd like to mention is to keep your favorite items public. I love to see an artist's style and I feel like I get to know them better when I see what they have favorited in the past. It's like looking through a mini tumblr of pictures they approve of! Fun. :)

Last but not least, do not be overly formal. This isn't the time to crack out your old SAT vocab book. Be plain jane and that should be perfect. Start off your profile with a simple hi, hello -- I'm Dana. Why not? No crazy "I bid thee hello with my fair but bliss salutations..." Okay, I totally made that up but you know what I mean. Be personable and quirky if that's who you are, but just make sure to be yourself.


  1. Mine is really short, too. I figure that nobody is going to read a novel when all they want is more information about what I'm selling.

  2. With the profile page being the main landing page for a lot of incoming customers, it is pretty vital that it is l;legible...

    Speaking of which, I haven't exactly looked at mine in along time. hah.

  3. Agreed! Good time to look over it Megan! :)

  4. Well said! My advice would also be to spell-check. It shows that you are conscientious and can take the time to do things right - just what we all want from someone we're buying from!

  5. Dana- thanks for the shout-out and the compliment on my "About Me"!

    You are the best!

  6. Good point, Dana!
    Makes me think......
    thanks for posting this!

  7. thanks for the advice


  8. Very well said! Thanks for the advice and good luck with your etsy shop!


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