Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spotlight: KTF Design

Hiya everyone!
Whose ready for Father's Day? KTF Design is! KTFdesign (aka Katie) runs an etsy shop dedicated to sweet greeting cards that can be personalized as well. They make great gifts since you can buy a set or a great addition to a gift you are giving to someone. I'm a huge greeting card fan so here are some favs.

Although Father's Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share an event-based card with you all. Besides, some of us may be running late on the card shopping. :D

Mustaches never get old and this is such a simple but sweet card. Love the added stripes rimming the bottom. Wish the father-like figure in your life a happy father's day! :)

Get card updates on her facebook fanpage as well!

My favorite card from KTF is this Paper Leaves Thank You card. You can buy them in sets of 6. So refreshing and original! This is definitely a memorable card. Trust me, I know my cards... I have every card given to me since kindergarten.

KTF Design also has some really whimsical invitations.
New card designs come in for upcoming events like graduation and Father's Day so you can be ready for all of your upcoming gift-worthy events. :)

I must say, all of her designs are thoughtful and well-crafted to put a smile on your face. A simple bird silhouette with a polka-dotted wing? Adorable! Hello Birdie indeed.

Hope you all enjoy the wonderfully colorful and happy designs of KTF. Go check em' out!
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They also have another shop for bags and aprons and more...click me! They have some great summer clutches and messenger bags!


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  1. good luck for the sales! tweeted the good news already <3



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