Monday, June 20, 2011

Spotlight: Mountain Creek Gift

There are just certain shops that are capable of making you want to cry for joy or cuddle up with all of their items...breathe in real deep and never let go... am I over-exaggerating? You tell me.

Today's spotlight is on Mountain Creek Soaps, Candles & Gifts run by Brittany!
She uses all natural ingredients in all her products and currently has over 100 sales. :)

Here goes my favorites!

Who doesn't love some Natural Oatmeal Soap? Because it's always a favorite-- great on the skin-- delicate and not too floral-scented.

Brittany lists all the ingredients as well so if you are sensitive like me, this shop is perfect!

Country Gardens Soap-- the picture was too tempting to pass on. Shea butter and vegan! Always a plus. I think this would make a great gift...for anyone. Shea butter is great all year round for the skin-- especially for dry skin and stretch marks.

Last but not least, not soap but Lavender and Citris Cream Moisturizer! Doesn't the picture kind of look extra yummy? :P This is also made out of shea butter-- organic, in sturdy little tins...perfect for on the go moments! For women, that's all the time.

I am very thrilled with this shop. Brittany is very creative with her one-of-a-kind lab-created masterpieces. She is a homemaker housewife who puts her heart and soul into this creations. From lip balms to bath salts, it's all there! She is currently working on an upcoming craft show so keep in mind her shop is minimally stocked for the time being. Great ratings and consistency to the shop's resume as well. :) Go check it out!

Blog: mountaincreekblog.blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/MCSCandG
FB: www.facebook.com/mountaincreekgift
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mountaincreek
And a special 10% coupon for the readers with the code: blogluv

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  1. Wow, they look lovely and I can almost smell them ~ the photos look so good! Will go and check out her pages...

  2. Aren't they? I was like.. eat them or use them? It's a draw!

  3. That moisturizer does look quite fantastic!

  4. Her stuff is really wonderful. I have tried it.


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