Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Etsy Tips: Do you have a button?

Hey everyone! I haven't done an etsy tip in a while and I've been meaning to hit this one so I finally will!

So blog buttons-- ya know those 125x125 ads with your blog name for you to share with other bloggers?? It doesn't seem all that important or necessary but it makes a big difference. Everyone with a website should have one, not just bloggers-- believe me!

Often, I get comments saying that someone stopped by from whomever's blog and love my work or have begun following me. It's great how networking works doesn't it? So for those of you who don't have a button or avatar, here's how you make one.

If you already have a logo you can crop, then you don't need to make an image but just re-size it or take a chunk of it you like. What I did was use my regular font and put some yellow lace in the background to match my business cards. If you custom made your business cards online, you can probably copy that image and crop it as well.

See? Nothing complicated. All I did was go on paint and type in my words, drag the dotted box to center my writing. Tada!

Now if you have a professional who helped make your website design, shop banner, etc, they can most definitely help you out with this. But honestly, it's nothing you all can't handle. Often, I see some very sweet buttons with just an image of an item the shop carries with their shop/blog name somewhere.

Check out my side bar for sponsors and their buttons. Easy guys!

Now, in my opinion, the size is usually recommended at 125x125 because most popular blog sites ask for it in this size for their ad spots. I've seen bigger ones on some blogs but their alignment was set wider so that all their ads wee larger. But for now, having a standard 125x125 button is your best bet.

I'm sorry I can't really guide you all through making one so well because everyone uses different programs and me being the less tech savvy person that I am used something as simple as paint and pasting to get the job done. If you are skilled in photoshop or any other picture editing program, you are already at an advantage. As for checking the size, once you save an image to your computer, if you go into your documents and find it under you pictures or wherever you saved it- hover or it. You can get an idea of big or small it is because it will tell you along with the picture's name of course.

The easiest way in my opinion to create one is probably on an online photo editing software like www.picnik.com. It is free and they give you all the editing tools you need to change the colors and add words to your image. They let you (under edit, then crop) crop yours images to any given size where you can then put 125x125 and drag the box they give you to the designated image you want.

Now, after you are done having fun editing and messing around with images/fonts, you need html coding! In order for you to do this, you must first upload your button image to an html hosting site like www.photobucket.com. Now, copy your html url for that image into the coding below.

<center><a title="YOUR BLOG'S NAME HERE" href="YOUR BLOG'S URL HERE" target="_blank"><img alt="YOUR BLOG'S NAME HERE" src="YOUR IMAGED HOSTED URL HERE" /></a>


<center><textarea id="code-source" cols="13" rows="3" name="code-source">&lt;center&gt;&lt;a href="YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE URL HERE"&gt;&lt;img border="0" src="YOUR IMAGED HOSTED URL HERE" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/center&gt;</textarea></center></center>

And that's it! So copy and paste this entire code (for blogger) under Design, Add a Gadget called HTML/Javascript. Press on the top right (underlined in blue) Rich Text to change it to HTML before pasting. This way, blogger will read the coding and not paste it into your blog as jibberish. You will know if you successfully uploaded the coding correctly because you can press Rich Text after and your button, along with a box with coding below it should show up.

Good luck everyone and ask questions here if you have any!


  1. Very nice post! I just created new buttons for my blog and Etsy shop (you can see on my blog www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com) and decided while I was at it, to save them in a variety of sizes for any future needs. It's always easier to save as 250x250 and shrink down, than take the 125x125 up. I love picnik.com!

  2. Awesome! I don't have a button yet, so you've encouraged me to go make one. Thanks for the post. When I get one up, I'll come show you!!!


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