Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfect for the Summer: Peach and Strawberry Spinach Salad

 I randomly felt like cooking today when I stopped by at the grocery store to buy some snacks. So here it is.. a fun a simple summer salad good with any two fruits!

I chose peaches and strawberries but you can go all out and finish it off with some light raspberry vinaigrette!

So there really is no recipe for this salad-- it's really simple.

I prepared 3 servings so go by your best judgment depending on how many you are feeding. :P
-baby spinach
-raspberry vinaigrette (I like the fat free one!)
-2 types of fruit that you can slice up for some summer color!
( I went with reds-- strawberries and peaches)
- a salad bowl to mix it all up in!

That's it...and you know what? It's deliciously easy to make.

I also went ahead and made some fettucine (spaghetti basically) today. I'm lactose-intolerant so I used ronzoni's vegetable fettucine (it has a serving of veges--carrots and spinach) in it which I love. I got a bottle of sauteed onions and mushroom ragu sauce and stir-fried it with caramelized onions, oregano, and some basil. Good stuff and also very easy. Thank god I don't run a cooking show. I only like sharing, not teaching the process-- especially with my low maintenance meals!

What has everyone been eating this summer? Anything worth sharing? please do! :)


All thoughtful comments are appreciated. :) Thanks for being here!

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