Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spotlight: Dona Arg Boutique

Hello everyone :)
Meet etsy shop owner Donatela who runs Dona Arg Boutique. She makes stunning jewelry (especially earrings)... here are my favorites!

Feathers are in! I love these bright and vibrant colors she uses in these orange and beach green feather earrings! Feel the tropical breeze? Dress it up or down-- they are so much fun. Or this long turquoise one-- a favorite color of mine. The color schemes are endless!

 These feather hair extensions slip back in your hair and add a certain pizazz to any outfit. I have long curly hair so these clips are so tempting. They come in a wide array of styles like the feather earrings as well. Check out this black and white one to start off!

Connect with this amazing shop!
Here is donaarg's facebook. twitter. fashiolista.
Use this special coupon code for 10% off: 87649



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