Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornament by PurpleAshes26
I have been seeing some crazy unique and beautiful ornaments lately. Check them out!
This ornament is made using a Styrofoam ball so it is very lightweight. The flowers are punched from a white metallic paper and are attached to the ball with red pearlized pins. It is topped off with a ribbon to easily hang it on your tree.

Acorn Christmas Ornaments by FairyFolk
Black and White Christmas Ornaments by CrossStitchCardStore
Oh, these are so super cute! They will bring the magic of the woods to your Christmas tree. They are colorful, enchanting and inspired by nature.

Felted acorn ornaments are natural and eco-friendly. They are made from real acorn caps collected by my children and me from the oak trees around us. I wet felt the colorful acorn parts from the finest wool. A handmade treasure from me and Mother Earth herself.

Each acorn hangs from a mossy green satin ribbon.

They also look wonderful hanging from your chandelier, cabinet knobs or anywhere else.

These ornaments really caught my attention. They look so classy yet sweet.

 This very cute handmade ornaments are awesome for Christmas and holiday wreath and tree decor. Add to your Christmas little magic spirit of some unique stylish wooden ornaments from Black and White collection!

All wooden ornaments are decoupaged ( of both sides the same way ) by high quality paper onto these thick wooden element. Each ornament is covered with a glossy lacquer, which is environmentally friendly.

I somehow managed to pick all eco-friendly ornaments. I love it! Let me know your favorite or what kind of ornaments you are all shopping for!

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