Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say goodbye to those flakes!

Dandruff Shampoo Bar by debbytaylor
Olive Oil Shampoo from toadstoolsoaps

It's getting colder and usually, my scalp has these random dry days where I start to see a couple flakes by my hairline. I did some research to keep your hair healthy and dandruff-free for the winter!

1. Eat healthy. Take those fish oil supplements or better yet, get the omega-3 in your diet with your favorite fish. Avoid yeast and sugar in high doses and take those vitamins. Fruits and veges never go wrong!

2. Stress correlates to so many health problems-- one being a dry scalp. Don't let those immune system walls crash. Get ample sleep and rest!

3. Try not to use too many chemicals for your hair. This includes shampoo, hair gel, mousse, etc.

4. Oily hair is a good breeding ground for flakes so wash your hair regularly if you think that is what is causing your dandruff!

5. Natural products and oils can enrich your scalp if you can massage it into your schedule once a week! Here are some great products to do the job!

Hope this was informative. Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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