Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Black Ant Beads

Slam Drops earrings
I've had the pleasure of working with some awesome shops recently. Here's another one. There's so much eye candy for you all. Just wait and see.

Let me introduce to you all Black Ant Beads!

Elise from Black Ant Beads has been working with crafts and growing in her love for jewelry making as a child. Way to go for art!

Cotton Candy Bracelet
Who doesn't love vibrant colors?
These bright red earrings really stood out to me. The beads swing and sway as you move throughout the day. How fun!

This eclectic cotton candy bracelet  makes me so happy. The pink and yellow buttons are adorable and refreshing!
Spiderweb necklace

This beautiful beaded blue necklace is charming and calming. Look at those eccentric beads? Beautiful aren't they?

(coupon code "MorePresents" to get 15% off everything for the entire month!)
Connect with Black Ant Beads on facebook or twitter.

Thanks everyone for reading! Enjoy. Stay connected-- we have a giveaway in the making for you all!

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