Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Embroidery Hoop Ideas

Embroidery hoops are so classy and cute for wall decor. Here are some of my favorites--

King Soleil does these gorgeous sets that are bright and festive for the summer. They use a lot of mixed fabrics for a textured look-- very different!
 pumuq's shop has some really fun and sweet designs as well. They add bows and lace-- how sweet.
But even though I like the colorful-- more nursery room friendly designs-- I love the simple and sweet ones too. kukothebrave made this really simple clothes line with cute little dresses hanging off of them. How darling!
I guess I should try out more intricate designs... here's the most recent set I worked on. :)
They're really fun to experiment with so if you haven't tried it out-- you should buy a hoop and go for it!

Share how your project turns out!


  1. Adorable! I so love embroidery hoop art :) Thank you so much for featuring my Raindrops on Roses Design set!

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