Sunday, April 15, 2012

Upcycling Vintage Paper Craft Ideas

I have a HUGE stack of vintage National Geographics lying around that I never go around to experimenting with.

Originally, I tried to brainstorm and then get around to actually making things but basically never did.

I finally tried out one project. With some of the map paper in an April 1985 edition, I made a bunting flag garland!

It's simple and sweet-- I can see it working for home decor in kids rooms or even at an eclectic party.

So what else do people do with vintage book paper?

Here's a cool butterfly collage by Gathered Together! I should try this out! Although I probably wouldn't have enough patience to cut out silhouettes like that.

Mini Envelopes from Ciaffi! I've definitely tried this out with magazines and calendars. Eco-friendly and really fun for the person who is receiving your letters!

Here's a fun idea-- draw on them! Make some original art and use the negative space with all the writing on it to your advantage like ParisARTStudio.

Well, that's all I've got for today. Share what you do with your old book paper or magazines!


  1. Great ideas! I used to make cute little envelopes all the time... I should really start again, they were so fun :)

  2. Hello Dana,

    You get here some fun ideas!
    Thank you very much for featuring our mini envelopes.


    Mariana and Paula


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