Thursday, April 19, 2012

When should you throw your old makeup?

I often find old mascara or eye shadow sitting around and wonder if I should continue to try to use it all. It's completely functional eye shadow, so the frugal side of me tries to use up at least half of the make up before tossing it. But that ever happens. I forget about it again and come back to the same problem-- what do I do with old facial products?

So when do you know you should throw out your make up products?
How do I know if they are going "bad"?
Is it bad to just keep using them...?

For mascara-- to avoid eye infections and bacteria, it is recommended that you switch mascaras every 3 months-- or 4 times a year. This is why even top notch makeup gurus say to go by the shelf life of a product, rather than just the name brands. If you like drug store brands like cover girl, go ahead and use it to it's maximum capacity and toss it within 3 months! That's usually how long it will last anyway if you use it regularly.

As for cleansers and moisturizers, you don't want them around for over 6 months. There are chemicals like fatty acids that wear out after a certain time and won't continue to help your complexion like it was supposed to. Constantly opening and closing bottles also rim your product's cases with bacteria and could give sensitive a hard time.

If you had expensive skin products that you didn't finish up within 6 months, I suggest you throw it away or use it on skin like your feet-- which will not suffer from complexion sensitivity like your skin would. Also, if you product has exfoliating beads, you can still work off dead skin cells on your arms and feet!

Although lipstick, cream foundation, powder blush and  can go for a year, make sure you aren't hoarding products that have lost their original scent or texture. That's a sign to let you know to toss it!

I have this problem mainly with chapstick. I buy it in a set and never get around to one.
Think about it, every time you open and close these products, you are exposing yourself to more harmful and resilient bacteria that hang around overtime. Just like how you would replace your toothbrush after a couple months, you wan to keep your hygiene products fresh as well.

I find all natural products much more resilient to "rotting" since there aren't any chemicals in it, but still be aware of the condition of your products. If they are collecting mold in your bathtub's shelf-- it's likely you don't use it enough to keep it around!

Try not to buy so many products just because of sales or in hopes of saving-- buying the bigger size. I usually never get around to finishing most products within it's shelf life time and that's a waste. 

You know yourself the most and what products yo can't live without versus use once in a while.
Go from there and start organizing your products, make up purse, and dresser to be up to date.
You want your skin to be healthy and glowing-- don't keep old products around!

Cheers to healthy skin. :)

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