Monday, May 21, 2012

Corner Tavern & The Vortex - Midtown Little Five Points

Got to check out midtown's Little Five Points with a friend yesterday and it was really fun. They have some eclectic shops including a record/comic book store, American Apparel, and of course-- some yummy eateries.

We decided to try out the Corner Tavern which is next to the Vortex.
They have a 2 page menu full of gourmet sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups. They are the perfect place for brunch and lunch I must say!

I got the Tavern Club sandwich. It was fresh and yummy-- a little difficult to eat but still great.
Each plate comes with a side so I tried out the almond green beans. I asked our waitress for recommendations and she was really nice and good about working around my lactose intolerance. We found a great option for me in the end. :)

My friend got the eggplant veggie sandwich. It looks so yummy stuffed with goat cheese so if you like cheesy-- go go go. She liked her parmesan mashed potatoes and extra side of asparagus too.

 Now for the Vortex! NOTE: The Vortex IDS everyone entering and you must be 18 years and up to enter! The interior design is really fun and busy-- with some rated R artwork. I went with some friends and we tried out their hamburgers.

I tried their guacamole burger. They give you a whole ice cream scoop of guacamole-- so good!
They all look kind of the same in the pictures with a free side. The fries were awfully old-tasting so we thought we got the last batch perhaps. Our waitress was extremely sweet and asked kindly if we wanted a new side of fries or something else. The tater tots were oddly really good and memorable.
Good service-- very accomodating!

Pictured below: the Spanish Fly burger, Guacamole burger, and the Tasmanian burger.

The menu was fun to read as well. I want to go back and try so many other hamburgers. We got the regular sized ones but they have super meaty ones that basically stack up 2-3 hamburgers into one for $15-$25. Our hamburgers were $8-10 which was a good price for the quality of the meat, the size of the hamburger, and the free side.

I overall enjoyed my first trip to the Corner Tavern and the Vortex. Good stuff indeed.

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