Thursday, May 31, 2012

Etsy Tips: Listing Descriptions

There is something really great and organized about ending all of your shop listings the same way. Its uniformed, crisp, and clean. All the while, you give your customers a chance to get to know you more by linking all of social networks at the bottom.

But wait-- I don't know where to start or what to do! Here are some tips to make a simple template to follow for all of your new listings!

I sell a lot of different things in the shop so the variety has allowed me to obtain a better idea of what to make sure to include in the listing and at the end.

A general rule of thumb is to include:
1. What your product is made out of.
2. Anything unique about the item.
3. What it should/can be used for.

I make origami stars all the time. And for the most part, they sell for wedding favors, but I often get messages asking me what else they can do with it! So-- that's obviously an important factor.

So right after I describe the size/material of the stars , I always write how to/where to use them!

Now-- depending on your items, your listing descriptions should all have different focus. If you were selling photography for example, people can do so much but to use it as home decor or gift it. It's not really open to interpretation so you don't need to emphasize in a paragraph what to do with it. But on the other hand, it would have more about custom size orders and paper texture quality.

The main thing is to sell your item without sounding like an overbearing sales associate. Don''t rave about your own product-- it will sound like humble bragging. Just hit all the key points and the listing should be great!

OH! And I cannot stress how important this is... PLEASE use proper grammar and punctuation. No one wants to read jumbled up words with no commas and periods. It's awful. You never know how to read it, therefore interpreting the important factors about the item becomes impossible.

Besides, it shows that you care about your shop's presentation and how you will likely communicate with customers. If you can't write a decent listing description, less people will want to message you with questions or custom orders. Just because you have a chill personality, it doesn't mean you should let loose on proper writing. You can show your personality through your complete sentences!!

Some other tips:

1. I really love bullets. I use stars and hearts to make organized and condensed bullets of information. I think it is much easier on the eyes and just aesthetically more pleasing.

Here: You can copy and paste them from here to use them: ♥ ★
And here's the page I usually grab them from.

2. Also, use spacing to your advantage! As a Psych major, I have learned that our vision is perceived and categorized almost immediately. If things are together (for example a paragraph) we assume it belongs together. I absolutely hate reading gigantic paragraphs of information at once. Spacing alone helps me decipher my thoughts about the product and remember more about the item. Here's a great example:
This is from Crush Cosmetics and they have used spacing to their advantage. They talk about the ingredients and key factors that make the product special like it being vegan and organic, along with the size. I think it's great that they end it with the free shipping note because that's a great way to get more sales! Who doesn't love free shipping?

3. I also always make sure to take note of colors varying in different monitors as well. It's just nice for customers to know that and not buy something thinking it was the exact shade they saw on their screen. Try to be color-specific if you have products where the color would matter as well. I don't say "Green" I say, it's a light seafoam green that's close to mint or sage.

4. To end things nicely, I say thanks for stopping by and add a link to the front of my shop as a "main menu" button.

5. There is no need to put a contact link since etsy added it recently to the end of every listing.
I know etsy is always changing and has been updating many of our services as sellers. Many of these options may change and improve for us to facilitate easier listing descriptions, but for now... we just need to work with what we have. It's always best to be on top of these new changes as well.

Hope this helps! Happy etsying!

<3 Dana

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