Thursday, May 17, 2012

Etsy Tips: Shop Banner and Getting Started!

Recently, a good friend of mine opened her own hair bows and accessories shop. I got a chance to run through some nifty tips for the new etsy layout and thought I should share.

Now for new shops on etsy, there is a certain excitement and fear of selling and organizing the shop. It's all good-- we all start there at some point! But even as a developing shop, you want to draw in as many customers as possible if they land on your page. Here are a few pointers to make sure you have completed for your developing shop.

Let's start off with a shop banner.
You want to make sure your banner is clean, easy to read, and not distracting.
I keep mine as simple as possible with a bit of personality like all these examples.

These shops sell very different things and their banners are all very unique and fun in their own personalized way. The Sexy Knitter is a prime example-- it's fun and flirty but still simple!

Personally, I think that the colors you choose really sticks for the first impression when people land on your shop's front page. You don't want to pick over 3 colors to work with, otherwise-- it gets crazy.

See A Party Studio's banner-- 3 colors-- pink, baby blue, and brown for the contrast!

Look at a color wheel and make sure your colors are complimentary as well.

Of course, anything goes with black so if you don't want to pick 3 colors, just pick one and black. That combination can't go wrong! Mine is just sky blue and a little black bird for some contrast!

Another pointer is to make sure you use fonts that people can easily read. You don't want super intricate cursive or overly extravagant letters that are hard to read, therefore hard to remember.

I often remember shops just for their appearance-- the banner and photo quality says it all at first glance! Look how simple Crush Cosmetic's banner is? Very cute and clean.

Do something simple-- you can make it on paint, photoshop, or even online photo editing programs  that are free to use.

Just remember while you are making your banner that making a busy banner does not make it better-- go for the simple, clean, but personalized look!

Here are some that I have premade for people to buy.  Simple right?

Yup-- if you have any other tips or questions, leave a comment!

Happy etsying!


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