Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helen, GA - Things to do

I recently got to visit Helen GA for a day trip and got to do two things I totally missed out on on my first trip somehow.

Anna Ruby Falls

For a nice 30-40 minute hike, go check out Anna Ruby Falls! It's not a difficult walk-- we saw full families there with their dogs and grandparents working their way up the cement trail. It was really calming and beautiful on the way up. There are little educational fun facts along the way and plenty of places to stop and take take pictures of the trees, rocks, and of course, the fall it self.

There's a little gift shop at the bottom where the rest rooms are.
The entrance fee for adults was $3 and there are bbq tables/parks on your drive in. We didn't get to look into it much but if you have time or live near by, a picnic would be great here.

Now for the Bear and Reptile Park.

I loved the stop at this Bear Park where all the shops are in Helen. I was skeptical at first but once you get inside, there are about 8 different sections with pairs of different bear types to feed or observe. They are really docile and friendly too so I took my time but a quick run-through can get you out within 30 minutes to an hour. You can purchase apple slices and bread to feed them with your ticket as well. Adult tickets were $5, plus an optional reptile/snake section for an extra $1. My boyfriend and I did both while we were there.

The snakes were really cool. The section was limited but we had one of the snake owners let us play with the little snakes, feel the shedding, and hear about how he found them or what they are capable of. Once you finish and go downstairs into the gift shop, there are plenty of snakes, geckos, lizards, frogs, and even tarantulas for sale as well. It felt like an additional part of the exhibit to me.

The only thing I didn't like were the bear's homes. They look so bored sitting there on cement. I understand it's somewhat of a zoo but I think they can afford some colors in their cages and maybe some comfortable floors to sleep on. They don't have toys or any stimulation so I did feel really bad for them. I've never seen bears before so I have nothing to compare their facility to either.

Yup. That's my fair share.

While you're there, check out the fun shops like the glass blowing shop (they make stuff right in front of you!) and water tubing (if you're into a relaxing/lazy session on big colorful tubes).


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