Sunday, May 20, 2012

La Madeleine - Duluth GA

 La Madeleine
2255 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096

I always thought this place was an overpriced bakery for some reason but it's not!
I also didn't know La Madeleine was a franchise either-- so you can find a location near you here.
I got to check it out with my sister and boyfriend and it was very nice. The interior decor has a homey cabin feel and they prepare the food you choose right in front of you!

We got samplers where we pick 3 things from a list of yummy food. They have pastries, desserts, salads, soup... yum!The staff and chefs are really sweet and accommodating as well. Here are our plates:

We got the same pecan strawberry salad (it has bacon in it too!) but since I'm lactose intolerant, I got 2 parts salad and one part chicken salad. They were all good, fresh and tasty.

My sister tried their creamy tomato basil soup and their creamy strawberries--strawberry romanoff.
She liked her meal entirely too. Once we go back and try some other dishes there, I will let you know how they are! As for the salads, they are fresh and delicious-- perfect for the summer.

Our meals were $8-9 as well. Nice.

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