Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taqueria El Dorado -- Duluth, GA

I go to El Dorado all the time with friends and always get the same dishes. So this time, we all tried something new.

We got combo 1, chorizo (Mexican sausage) tacos, and the Mocajete. They were all yummy.  :)

I like El Dorado's tacos-- They are all about $1.50 each (aside from the delicacies like cow tongue which is $1.75) and 2 tacos are filling enough for me. I usually get the chicken and steak ones so I tried the chorizo this time and it was just as good. There is no cheese of lettuce on them. They are served on a soft tortilla with cilantro and onions.

I also ordered a bowl of guacamole for the group for $3.50. It was plenty enough for all of us!

I just love Mexican food.

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