Monday, June 4, 2012

Arriving to Belfast.

We finally arrived arrived to Belfast!!

Here are some pictures from the flights. Clouds look so fluffy up the air.

We're all bunking in a room-- getting some bonding time and figuring out what to do during our free weekends.

We basically spent the afternoon exploring a Botanical Garden nearby and eating at this cute french cafe. The garden was free and seriously large enough to take 2 hours exploring. There is also a nearby dinosaur museum which you have to pay for.

We walked everywhere so we get hungry real fast and you NEED broken in comfy tennis shoes.

I had a chicken and bacon sandwich. Granary bread is basically gran bread and I'm looking forward to trying out the fish and chips here too. Be warned, bacon tastes like ham in the UK-- it's not crispy. Looks like their bottled drinks are smaller portion sizes but other than that, meals are still over 1 portion size. I brought ziploc bags for left overs. :)

We start touring tomorrow so that should be fun.


Exchange currency at an atm, not at a money exchange booth at the airport. They charge you less.
The living expenses are much higher here so make sure you convert enough money. The UK (Northern Ireland) uses pounds and the Republic uses euros.

Time for tours-- hooray!


  1. yay Dana!! Have fun, be safe! <3

  2. That's so cool! I wish I could visit Belfast. I've been interested in Belfast ever since I started watching Sons of Anarchy. Can't wait to see more pics! :-P

  3. sounds like you having a blast thus far! :)


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