Saturday, June 9, 2012

Belfast-- Crash course in intensity.

I can't believe I have only been in Belfast for a week.
I feel like I have been here for months because of all of the events and busy scheduling.

I'm actually starting to catch onto using the coins here correctly considering that they have $1 and $2 coins. It's pretty annoying since all I do in the states is use my credit card.

At least you don't have to tip here-- not on taxis or in restaurants.

I bought postcards but can't find a post office that's open yet. What a shame.

We went to the Titanic Museum too.

It was really high tech with all of the screens. I was shocked at how interactive and virtual it was.

I've been trying Ireland's beer (like Guinness) and we tried fish and chips today!
It's just battered and fried fish with fat french fries.
Then there's a million thrift shops that carry vintage. Amazing. Oh and did I mention they are hospices or for cancer?

This gigantic Republican cemetery was gorgeous too.


Use your credit card at a restaurant and ask for extra cash to be pulled out to avoid atm charges. ATMs charge $5 flat while credit card swipes are 3% every time.

Taxis are pretty inexpensive but learning bus routes isn't a bad idea. Just saying. Taxis aren't overpriced though so don't be afraid to call for one.

It rains like everyday so bring a raincoat.

Pedestrians aren't first here either so you will get run over.
YUP. More adventures to come!

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  1. Rusty Zip looks like an amazing place to look around :D sounds like and busy itinerary but thats a great thing. have a good nigh- err...day! :)


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