Monday, June 18, 2012

The Botanic Inn aka The Bot -- Belfast

Hey everyone!!

We went to the Bot and I had their bangers and mash!!! It's an award winning dish here which is deliciously amazing.

Oh-- and I tried their Harp beer instead of Guinness-- it tastes like borderline cider. Yum.

Anyway, Bangers and Mash is... a sausage and mashed potato dish smothered with onion gravy. Enough said.

Goujon chicken is always good too.

Fish and chips have been everywhere now so I've resorted in trying new things.
It was great and I went with a new group rather than the usual gang so that was nice. :)

Here's a little me for the day..:)

Jellybeans and Group Hugs
Since I’ve spent time here learning about Northern Ireland and Ireland’s peace process… I realized people are meant for much bigger things. We’re not supposed to stop at the typical but depart from it to do something life changing. Life changing as in it changes your life and more importantly— others.

This realization hits me fairly often and I hate that it comes and goes but once you expose yourself to the things you are capable of, I’m sure the happiness that comes out of it will act as a daily reminder. I’m just waiting for the day I can allow myself to do that. I mean I do participate in volunteer work and charitable causes but I’m a creative being. I can do a lot more with just as little if I tried.

I’m always inclined to say things like “I don’t know” because I have mixed feelings of excitement and doubt that hold me together in strange but functional ways when I should make an effort to manifest my feeling into real words. Words have a capability of moving people and pushing them in ways that most people don’t even realize. It’s a shame that most of us talk less and less to strangers and friends—therefore making them all the same.

During the tours, learning about uprising and identity really stirs something up in you. It’s confusing because you need that time to process what you are feeling and going through… but simultaneously amazing because the wonder you feel is completely novel. And that’s really all I ask for in life—happiness and novelty.

There are people out there dedicating their lives to this and that—whatever they consider important I guess. I think I want to find ways to integrate my initial goals with smaller projects that mean bigger things. That sounds simple enough right? You know—like making an effort to care about other people who are near or far away from me and see what we can do together.

I’m literally on a bus looking at the Republic of Ireland thinking about all these ideas and what will come of it. I’m not sure if it’s the calming music I am listening to that is jolting ambition through my veins or all the wildflowers and scenic mountains outside of my window.  I have been breathing in this air for 2 weeks now that isn’t that long at all but it’s long enough to make me feel different.

That’s another interesting thing about humans. We are capable of change—whether it’s steady or instant. Sometimes I think change actually is instant but your body prepares to release this energy little by little not to overwhelm you with happiness—to make it last. It’s an interesting concept and most definitely debatable but curious none the least. But you know what I mean if you’ve ever felt moved after a picture or a statement and you just feel different after that—like you’ve moved yourself to a new place on your cognitive map. Good thing things have a way of moving with you.

So concluding something is another concept most people don’t enjoy doing or thinking about. I get it. Nothing really ends so why do we need conclusions? It’s more like an elongated intermission. But we can’t end papers or stories that way… “In elongated intermission,…”. Then again, I guess cliffhangers are kind of like that but you can tell through context that the story will continue with patience and time. So that’s the feeling I want to leave you all with—the story does in fact continue and the best part is that it gets better each and every day.


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