Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Crown Bar

I kind of love how all of my posts pertain to food and places to eat. I guess that's a big chunk of how you get a grasp on culture.

We have lecture days until mid week-- followed by some more traveling to Derry.
So... I spent the afternoon after class to go shopping in the city center and grab a late lunch.
We went to the Crown Bar-- the oldest bar in the world. :P

It was by far the most beautiful bar I've been in (though I've been to very little bars).
The only problem we had was our little group had a combined check because they don't do split checks. We paid piggybank style with millions of coins and crinkled up bills. Oops.

At least we didn't have to tip since we're in the UK!

The shopping center was nice as well. Belfast is beautiful and oddly non-rainy today. It was like going to an outlet mall since the stores are all side by side but outside. Yay for minimal sunshine and air breaks between shops.


  1. looks beautiful! whats that in the bowl in the third picture?

    keke piggybank style xD!

  2. Which one? If its the last picture.. I totally can't remember the name. It was some weird jelly with the patty with veges/bacon bits... it was good? lol


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