Friday, June 29, 2012

Tourist Attractions around Galway's City Center

Here is a jam-packed day you can have in Galway's city center.

They are all relatively close to each other so you can mix and match any of the following.

Galway City Museum. It's free entry and about 3-4 levels of different collections.
The Spanish Arch is right in front of the entrance so check that out!
Then walk by the water and head to Kelly's! It's a chill pub/restaurant with a fairly simple menu. Most meals are 8-15 euros.

Go shopping along the city center for souvenirs, clothes, etc!

On the weekends, a farmers/flea market sets up down the street near Lynch's window. That was a treat for me. I tried out different foods and bought unique souvenirs there as well.
 Oh and if you are wondering, Lynch's Castle is now a bank but if you walk down the city center towards Eyre Square, you will see it on your left. It's big with gargoyles and oddly a bank now. Oh well, it's still pretty. :)

It's right next to St. Nicholas Church as well. We went in to browse. It's really beautiful.

And there it is. Lots of simple and free things to enjoy in Galway for the day! Enjoy.

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  1. Awesome blog my friend! Galway is a city in Ireland. Your blog is very nice and informative. I really like you blog. I’m tourist and like to visit in different places all over the world. Few months ago I have been visited in city before my hawaii tours with my business partner. The Galway city museum is the most famous and historical museum in this city. It was founded on 29 July 2006 and it is located beside the Spanish Arch. It is very nice and famous place to visit in Galway city. The Eyre Square, Hotel Meyrick and Dunguaire Castle are also visiting places in this city.


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