Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ulster Museum & Molly's Yard

So... tip 2: Bring a coin purse. I know that sounds silly but you really need some sort of change purse when you are here. The coins are heavy and for the most part, impossible to sort through quickly. Just like we have cent, they have pence. But just like we have dollar coins, they have 1-2 pound coins. It's so confusing.

Anyway, Ulster Museum is literally right next to the Botanical Garden.

This museum was big. There were 4 levels and it was pretty random for Ireland's wilderness, animals, dinosaurs, and then a section about the Troubles. It was pretty lengthy and honestly, 3 hours didn't cover it.

I liked the little gift shop-- a lot of history books and plushies/toys.

We had a group dinner at Molly's Yard. (which is really close to the Botanical Garden)

 I tried their salmon. It was yummy!

These are basically deserts people got. I couldn't eat any since we were in cow land. Too much dairy.

Overall, this place was really cute. We had wine and just some random conversation amongst everyone. People loved their food-- I would recommend it if you're in Belfast!

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