Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aladdin's Mediterranean Grill-- Roswell, GA

I really love Mediterranean food. It's rich in flavor, yet more healthy of a choice over many other styles of cooking.

When I checked out Roswell's Flying Colors Butterfly festival with my boyfriend, we decided to eat lunch nearby as well. The festival was family-friendly-- more so for kids but we still had a good time seeing random owls and feeding butterflies. 

I just wish it wasn't so hot. Anyway!! Now for food!!

Aladdin's was a couple miles away from CNC (Chattahoochie Nature Center) where the festival took place. It sort of looks like a Chipotle in there with the long service line where everyone cooks behind you. But you don't have to pick everything that goes into your food. We just ordered at the register, sat down with our drinks, and got up when our order number was called.

 We ordered two of their sampler dishes. The Shawarma and Aladdin's Kabob Sampler.
Together, it was $27. It was really enough for 3 people so we took a good chunk of it home but it was really delicious.
 Each dish came with pita bread, hummus, greek salad, and rice.
 We tried their lamb, chicken, and pulled lamb/chicken. The pulled chicken was a bit dry but everything else was really good.
I took all this pita bread home basically and munched on it with hummus in the evening with my leftovers. They were soft and chewy when cold as well. I was so excited. They gave you so much hummus-- it was awesome.

Definitely check this place out if you are in the area.



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