Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A day trip in Limerick

We took a day trip to Limerick by bus from Galway recently!

It was a little over an hour bus ride and we ha plenty of time to walk across the town to King John's castle and check out St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Patrick's!

Student tickets were 6-7 euros and the tour itself is free-flowing/independent. We walked up and down the stairwells and took pictures where ever. We probably spent 2 hours in there just because we found so many things amusing. Of course it was beautiful!

We grabbed lunch nearby at O'Connell's.

I got a chicken and guacamole panini. It was pretty good. Service was good and the place was cute.
They make good cole slaw. :) Prices for our meals were 8-12 euros.

What a fun adventure day!

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