Thursday, July 12, 2012

O'Connor's Pub-- Ireland

 On the way to Cliffs of Moher, we stopped by at a cute pub to eat. Our tables had numbers and we ordered up front at the bar. They served us food accordingly to the right table number.
 I went for the fish and chips-- you can't really go wrong with that!
 They had really yummy desserts. We got carrot cake and "chocolate by death" to share with the table. Delicious!!
 This was my friend's dish-- salmon. She loved it. :)
I really can't get enough of cider. Kopparberg is my favorite thus far!

Anyway, this place was really neat. There were a couple gift shops next to the pub as well to explore before or after.

Our servers were nice and the prices were all fair. Dishes were 10-20 euros but mostly 12-16 euros.

I'd go back if I could for the carrot cake!!


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