Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quays Bar's Restaurant -- Galway

 Nom nom nom for Quays Restaurant. It's located in Galway's city center-- the front is a pub/bar while downstairs is a cute restaurant!
 Sorry that the pictures are so dim! I didn't want to use flash and get glaring photos of food. Some of my friends went straight to the desserts for some reason. The cheesecake and apple pie were winners. :)

 This is the smoked salmon dish. They have an entire section called "pastas" but none of it is actually pasta... It's mostly cold dishes so be warned!

I got the 10 oz steak. I think I've been obsessed with Irish beef during my stay in Ireland. It's so fresh and yummy! Most of the dishes started at 17 euros and worked it's way up to the mid 20's.

Everyone really enjoyed their food so I don't think the price was too big of a problem.
They had some yummy appetizers as well for under 10 euros.

Yup. I'd go if you're going to be in Galway. It's near the King's head and the bay so there are plenty of shops to explore in between.


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