Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saky Sacks Review


After a long year of randomly using my Saky Sack (which I won in a giveaway), I had the opportunity to use it for an entire month every single day. And let me tell you-- my Saky Sack is a saint. Now I didn't want to review this item until I got a chance to really use it. I have been using it here and there and it's been great but I was astonished by how resourceful and well-made these bags are-- even overseas!

So let me give you a little background tour of my bag.

I have the city saky signature design in cream.
They are durable, reusable, water-proof (at least for me it has been), and best of all-- can carry up to 25 pounds.

Now I spent a month in Northern Ireland and Ireland. If you don't know much about Ireland... just know that it rains there all the time. They also don't give you grocery bags like they do in the U.S.! So I saved tons of money not purchasing plastic bags and carrying my groceries/souvenirs in this handy dandy sack!

Best pointers:
You can scrunch it up into your purse really easily if you aren't using it at the time.
There are a wide range of prints that are all fun and classy to choose from.
They are machine washable and eco-friendly!

Most of the bags cost $20-25 and it should last you a very very long time... :)
They have been featured on various blogs and magazines for their unique and eco-friendly work. I didn't know this until I read it on their website but many celebrities like Christina Milian and Sarah Britton own a Saky Sack as well!

I really loved having this bag on me. I use it at home a lot on picnic/park days and sometimes as a classy gym bag for my shampoos and towels as well. Taking it to the beach would be a great idea too-- it's definitely big enough for those large beach towels! Or, if you are one of those people who just need to carry around a lot of stuff daily, Saky Sacks would probably be a great fit for you. As a commuting college student, I take this bag downtown to campus with books and snacks as well. It's so durable! I don't ever worry about it ripping or breaking down on me.

Props to Nahomie Julien for the photos!

Yup. This is me at a farmer's market in Galway, Ireland. Everything I bought went into my Saky Sack. It was pretty awesome.

Now that I finally got to give Saky Sack the review that it deserves, go shop!

Here is their website and facebook.

Their eco-friendly mission is really admirable and I have never had a bad experience with them. I occasionally comment on their new photos on their fanpage as well. They leave friendly messages back! (:

This is straight from their website:
Saky Sacks is proud to support Oceans Futures Society, an organization whose mission is to explore global oceans and inspire and educate people on acting responsibly for its protection.  Saky Sacks will donate 10% of the net proceeds from website sales of the Spotty Saky to Ocean Futures.  For more information, visit www.oceanfutures.org.


Best Wishes Saky Sack! I love what you do!


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