Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shabby Chic Wedding Table Ideas

I've always been more fond of shabby chic decor. There's something about it that's homey yet still refreshing. Plus, shabby chic decor gives an event personality.

So I dug around and found some cool ideas for wedding tables that are fun, vintage-inspired, and homey.
Here goes!

Table numbers are a must! Burlap and Linen Co make these simple but classy hand distressed framed table numbers. Isn't it simple and different from other little card table numbers? It's bigger and easier to read from afar also!

I'm a little obsessed with lace and bows so I am all over this idea for table numbers as well. Lace Mason Jars with chalkboard tags-- how fun and sweet! The pink lace is a nice feminine/soft touch against the pitch black chalkboard tags. The little candle is a sweet touch as well. What a great idea Alison Michel!

 I love sweet confetti as well from Today is a Sunny Day. Lately, they come in all different shapes and colors. The vintage dictionary paper ones are probably my favorite but these simple bows caught my eye. I could totally see these working with the stars in our shop as a basic tables spread decoration. Wouldn't they look lovely with something like this?

These stars from my shop are more of a dusty blue but I think the little 3D textures along with the 2D punch out confetti would be a cute match.

Moving on... I really like these banners. They're very shabby chic yet elegant. Well made by Banner LUV. They make all kinds and it would watch any decor. 

These are a little random but they caught my eye for backyard or outdoor weddings. These rocks could double as decor and paperweights for napkins on a breezy day . Plus, they come in a variety of words and designs. "Thank you" is my favorite. from Milk and Honey Luxuries.
Yup. I'm sure these items barely scratch the surface of fun and innovative wedding table decor. Just thought I should share some that stood out to me lately. :)



  1. Thanks Dana for including my Guestbook Banner in your Shabby Chic Wedding table ideas feature!!! The other items you included are really sweet also. How cleaver are your Origami stars...really love the 3D effect!!! The Mason Jar Table Numbers are a fun idea along with the Table Frame Numbers and the Bow Confetti!
    Great Job!! ~JiLL...Banner Luv

  2. What beautiful finds. Thank you so much for including my word stones!

  3. Wonderful ideas!
    I just love those stars and rocks!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my lace mason jars! I included a link to your blog in my Etsy posting. =)

  5. these are ideas are good and i liked the most was small stones or rocks with names on them with different designs.


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