Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shop Spotlight-- Puttering -- So little, so sweet, so cute.

I don't really know anyone who could pass up at least looking at how cute miniatures are or original things. There is something really cute and intriguing about something of original size getting miniaturized.

Think about it-- the mini apple pies you may come across at a bakery stand wold have a better chance of making you smile over a regular apple pie that you have seen before.

Now I came across a shop that make me squirm with joy that I must share.

Check out this barbie chocolate raspberry cake:
 How adorable is that?! These are made by Heather of Puttering and it makes me want a doll house to fill up with decadence. Maybe I will set aside a little shelf just to stack up some of these miniature sweets.
 Look at that tiny paper towel roll. :) They are approximately 2 inches in height!

" I longed for miniature versions of beautiful designs I would actually put in my own home. I thought to myself, there must be kindred spirits out there.

Thus, Puttering was born."

Here are some questions I had for the artist that were graciously answered:

Something silly about myself:
If it has good dancing in it, I will watch pretty much any movie, no matter how insufferable the plot or the acting.

What are your miniatures made out of?

All the tiny foods are made with polymer clay. Other items, like the garlands and such, are made with a variety of materials including wool roving, paper and fabric.

How long does it take to finish a project - let's say, a pie?

All my mini-making happens in stages, and it generally spreads out over several days. The time it takes depends greatly on what I am making! Sometimes I have to bake in different stages, then cool, then more stages of putting things together. A pie I could probably finish in a day, if my oven was not busy!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Well, I'm a photographer, and I am inspired by light and color and beautiful design. I'm always looking at modern interiors, and delicious food for ideas. Real life is very inspiring!

Something I'd like to share with the world: In a word, JOY.

Thanks so much Heather of Puttering for allowing me to feature you!

We are looking forward to more yummy little miniature treats to muse over.

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And of course, blogger.

Happy art making everyone!


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