Monday, July 16, 2012

Soul Vegetarian-- Atlanta, GA

There are plenty of eateries in the midtown/downtown area that I definitely do not know about.
I'm trying to spread out my choices with new selections every week.

A couple of my friends and I checked out Soul Vegetarian. Of course, they are vegetarian (and also vegan) friendly.

My friend and I tried their Jerusalem rice dish. It had all these delicious vegetables set over brown rice with a ginger sauce on the side. It was different and yet healthy.

 I ate the whole thing to my surprise... the portion was pretty big too. Oh! Not to mention how fair the prices are here! This dish was $7-8.
Here's the tofu burger my veggie friend tried. She liked it. I love my meat and that burger still looked and smelled delicious. The onion rings were a side choice-- also very good. This dish was also around $8. Three of us ate for $25.

The servers were nice and down to earth. It didn't feel so restaurant-like. It was oddly homey along with the vibes the waiters gave us. We went for a late lunch so it wasn't busy at all either.

Loved the food-- definitely want to go back and try more of their menu out!


  1. I would love to find a place like this around here.

    1. I think its surprising how long you can live somewhere and not know about some places to eat. Try out tripadvisor's site! Maybe you'll find something!


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