Sunday, August 19, 2012

Etsy Tips: Don't judge a listing by it's first month!!

Often I find it hard to not want to judge new listings that I posted up in my shop by it's success in the first couple of weeks.

I will post this new product up like... wow I love this-- it's different from other stuff in my shop. Let's give it a go:

Queen of Hearts Rabbit Silver Plated Earrings. Alice in Wonderland

And after several weeks, my stats for this item will look like this:
 0 admirers

So I start thinking about a whole lot of things...

Maybe they're to expensive.
Maybe it's a slow month...?
Maybe people don't like the Alice in Wonderland rabbit as much as Alice...

Maybe the picture quality sucks.

Then I continue with all these "maybes" that make me feel like this item just won't be sold.
As sellers, we have this partially rash and very self conscious outlook because we always want to better our shops. That's great thing of course and there are plenty of teams and co-etsians to ask for a shop critique from.

But I've had my shop for 2 years now and I know that items take a turnaround in the 4 month listing time pretty often. Your unique and well made item may not hit the radar until the 2nd month, 3rd month, maybe not even until the last week.

Sometimes, I even have items that expire and after relisting... become popular. Why? Who knows. Maybe the timing was just more suitable this time around... but either way, it makes you think.

Like this photography piece I had to renew once:
The Tea Party. 5x5" Fine Art Photography. Fairy Tale. Alice in Wonderland. Disney World. Tea Cups.

But guess what? Now it's at:

At this point, we as sellers need to judge how "fresh" the item is to keep it around.
Here is the rating list I go by:

1. Is your item OOAK-- one of a kind?
2. How common is your item on etsy? (Do a search!)
3. Do you have other items of the same kind selling in your shop?
4. Is your item a common color scheme or is it more specific?
5. Can you envision someone using it? Gifting it?
6. Are my pictures well lit and showing the viewers what I see in my item?

Before re-listing an item, I think these steps through to help me analyze if it's worth the $.20 to re-list.
Of course, $.20 isn't much for another 4 months but your overall collection in stock currently dictates your shop's worth and style in a nutshell for those shop skimmers. If you feel like your item has potential but isn't quite at the listing phase, I leave it under my expired listings section and adjust everything I need to before starting fresh.

There's nothing wrong with editing and revising! Just like how good essays are written, I believe listings need constant revision as well whether it's for the physical item, pictures, pricing, or even the description.

So make sure to keep this all in mind the next time you are sorting through your expired listings and checking them off for renewal. You can't put your star on stage if they don't look ready for a show!

And if you are waiting for your star to shine on stage, no worries. In good time, it will get it's spotlight! Be patient, participate in team activities, send traffic your way through social networks, and believe that your work is star quality-- because guess what? It is.


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