Sunday, August 26, 2012

I was on etsy's front page... and didn't even know it.

Hello lovely people.

You know... often I get on etsy's front page and think to myself...wow those front page items are awesome... I wish I could make it on there.

Well guess what?! I did... and I didn't even know it happened. :(

Luckily, a site called craftcult is wonderful and ingenious. They keep track of all these hourly etsy front page treasuries.

For those of you who are new to etsy, etsy likes to display a treasury or a collection of handpicked items that an etsy user put together. It's often themed by color or subject with unique items and taste.

It brings a ton of traffic your way if you make it to the front just once!
In order to increase your chances of making it on the front, you need...

1. Well-lit pictures. I'm talking bright and sunny people. If it looks like you took it on your bedroom floor, it won't make it to the front.
2. A good angle. Try taking pictures of your item from different angles aside from front and center.
[Here's an entry I wrote about taking good photos a while back for more tips...]
3. A million tags. When listing a new item, etsy offers you a certain amount of tags for people to search and find your item by. USE THEM ALL. Tag colors, texture, style, use, everything!!

Now going back to craftcult... I'm sure as an etsy shop owner, you are curious about if and when you have been featured (I know I was)... so let's go and check!!

Go to craftcult's front page and press their vault tab. Or me lazy and click here.
Now type in your shop name and check the results!!

My origami butterflies were both featured earlier this year and I had no idea! It explains how in the world it got like 200 admirers on one item in a week! I should have caught on then...

Craftcult allows you to download screenshots for your happy media/press collecting needs.

If you don't show up on the screenshot, it's possible that your item was an alternative pick that may have not been featured. This bites but it basically means your item was a benchwarmer. If you click to view the list of items that were included in the given treasury, yours may be at the bottom as additional selection that didn't make it into the 12 slot front page treasury. Sorry. :\

Yeah... so check your username out and see if anything happened!
You'll never know if you were featured unless someone tells you or you stumble across it on your own. Sadness right? :(

Well, enjoy the post!

Maybe some of you guys have been featured in some wonderful front page treasuries!!



  1. That's an awesome tip! Off to check out craftcult right now - thanks!


  2. Congrats Dana! I think everyone wants to be on the front page...me included, LOL! I'm off to check out your tips....maybe my pics aren't bright enough...or I need to revamp my tags for the millionth time hehehee.


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