Friday, August 10, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Amazingly Beautiful Cookies by SweetAmbs

I have never seen cookies with this much detail and effort.

Share the feeling of utter amazement with me while looking at these pictures:

All I can say is yes! They are real and edible!
These are all freshly baked batches of cookies made with original recipes.

SweetAmbs handcrafted cookies are baked and decorated by Amber Spiegel, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

Amber's original cookie recipe is flavored with orange zest, vanilla bean and cardamom and finished with vanilla Royal Icing - a flavor combination that makes these cookies as delicious as they are beautiful.

SweetAmbs cookies have been featured in InStyle Magazine, Your Wedding Day Magazine, Cake Central Magazine and Brides regional magazines in Chicago, Connecticut, South Jersey and Maryland.

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I got in touch with Amber Spiegel-- the amazing artist and baker to ask a few questions:

How long have you been baking and designing cookies?

I've been baking my whole life, but only started decorating cookies professionally about 4 years ago. 

Did it start with cookies?

I decorated cakes before I realized my passion for cookies.

Do you ever eat your own work (I'm really curious because I don't think I would be able to)?

I do eat my own work! if I make a mistake or have extra cookies, I will either eat them or bring them home to my family. 

Roughly how long does a given batch of 6 cookies take to bake/be ready? For example, your black lace cookies?

It can take anywhere from 6-20 minutes to decorate just one cookie.

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Thanks for sharing with us Amber!
I love your work and it was a pleasure featuring you!

Get connected with SweetAmbs on facebook or her shop.

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