Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Tips: Negative and Neutral Feedback

There will always be a day where you just don't feel content about something, even if it's really not a big deal. Neutral and negative feedback has a way of creeping under your skin and really messing with you...but hey...

Recently, I was reading a team thread about a shop owner who dealt with her very first neutral feedback. Of course, she had no negative ones and honestly, neutral ones feel just as bad somehow.

This is what I told her:

I'm sorry. Hopefully the kiss and make up will cover it. I know how you feel. My first purchase was a neutral and what was worse was that this person didn't even leave a comment with it. I imagined them saying... ehh it's an okay necklace, clicking neutral, and leaving. I offered the kiss and make up but they never got back to me. Now I'm almost 500 sales in with over 200 positive feedback... I try not to let the neutral get to me. If there's nothing you can do about it, then it's not your fault. You made all the efforts to fix it and make the customer happy. The good thing is that it's still at 100% positive feedback and no one gets nit picky about neutral ratings when finding a store to purchase from. Most people don't even look at the ratings to specifically... :)

I actually truly know that people don't mind some neutrals--even negatives-- in shop owner's ratings. I've been in the ebay world for 4 years now and I know for a fact that successful businesses need some negative and neutrals. It's not their fault necessarily and shipping/communication problems may occur. But in the end, all their majority positive feedback ins me over.

At this point, I see neutrals and negatives in a successful store as a bit of character.

When I first started on etsy 2 years ago, I sold 3 pairs of earrings to my second customer and they arrived damaged. I was new to shipping concepts and I realized after that debacle that I would not be able to ship certain earrings in just a bubble wrap envelope. But who knew then? I got on etsy one morning and found my first neutral feedback from the customer I spoke about earlier and 2 negative + 1 positive ratings to follow from my second customer. I was devastated. My feedback was red and so low. I felt like that kid who didn't want to bring my failing test core back to my parents to get signed.

The earrings arrived damaged. It was my fault. But still, I wanted to make things right. I messaged er apologizing and willing to replace the earrings. Luckily, the customer was understanding and appreciated my responsible nature for this problem. After the earrings arrived to her, I then asked if she would like to... "do a kiss and makeup" which allows the customer to change their bad or neutral feedback to positive. She did and that's how I got back to 100% and stayed there as well. :)

This ended well for me and I know that some customers are not responsive but all you can do is try. And if the feedback was your fault, you take responsibility and learn from it.
If it wasn't and the customer was being picky or undescriptive, it happens. But like I said, it gives your shop character! I'm not saying aim for neutrals and negatives but if it happens, it is out of your control.

Don't let it get you down. Don't let the muggles get you down!
Your shop is wonderful and growing with experience and support. :)

You can do it!


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