Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mint and Coral Wedding Ideas

Oh the joys of wedding planning. I was recently reading a blog entry for someone getting married soon who is delighted with mint and coral. I love both of these colors and just wanted to collect some ideas for all of you to enjoy and get inspired from...

There is something really soft and elegant about coral and mint together. The third color seems to often be ivory, gold, or a soft blue.


100 Colors of the Wind Origami Stars. Pocahontas
Colors of the Wind Stars
My favorite combo is coral, mint, and gold. It's funny because I have stars in my shop with those colors and I didn't even know it! It even has that twinge of blue so that's a bonus.

I think at this point, everyone just knows I love mint. I keep making these wedding idea entries when I'm no where near getting married either. I just like helping other people think of stuff... haha...

Anyway... here are my lovely features:

Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Ivory Light Mint Green Feather Rhinestone Jewel Head Piece Hair Clip Fascinator Accessory
Bridal Ivory Mint Hair Jewel Piece
I love the simplicity of this hair piece. I can see it garnishing a nice and elegant up-do perfectly...
From: exquisite creations 2 u

Bridal Set - 5 Zippered Cosmetic Pouches: Mint Slate Chevron
Bridal Set Cosmetic Pouches
You can't go wrong with simple chevrons and cosmetic pouches. I think they make the perfect bridesmaids gift. It's useful for everyone, if if they don't wear makeup-- you will find a way to use it!
Nice job Sandra Smith Handmade!

Rustic Sweet Coral Wedding Invitation Suite
Rustic Sweet Coral Wedding Invitations

Moving onto beautiful coral... I found these super cute invitations that have a beautiful touch of handmade to it no? That explains the "rustic" part of these invitations by one Little M.

Wedding Table Numbers - "Flourish" in Ivory and Peach/Coral w Ivory Chiffon Accents - Choose Your Colors
Flourish Ivory/Peach Table Numbers
And how about these sweet table numbers? The chiffon rose touch is my favorite part of this simple but memorable table number set. milk dust creations makes these sets in a wide variety of color and simplicity.

Alrighty... that's it! Otherwise, this entry will get too long. Tell me your favorite color set and if there is one you'd like me to cover. I love looking for fun color themes! (:

Give these shops some love! They're amazingly talented.



  1. Those are such great colors! It's funny cuz I'm also no where near getting married either but I love buying the bridal magazines and making bridal decor just because I love to! hahah.


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  3. Brides usually wear it while sporting turmeric or henna as gold jewelry might get spoiled when it comes in contact with them and they do save it - atleast the beads and bases as a memento

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