Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nails: Vote on the First Tutorial!

I realized I do my nails randomly pretty often when I get the chance and never actually share them with people. I probably should shouldn't I?

I like to do fun and simple nail art... here's some pink domos I painted on my friend's nails:

Well, I also happen to enjoy filming videos so let's take a vote on a nail look you'd like to see a tutorial of... since (this is the first time doing this) I don't have any pictures from the readers to choose from... here are some I found that would be cute to do my own rendition of. Don't worry, I simplify everything as much as possible.

Comment which number and I will post a tutorial shortly after if I get enough comments!
I find most of these pictures on tumblr and google by the way!

Alrighty--- vote vote vote!

1. pinstripe flowers
2. clouds with raindrops
3. simple bird silhouettes

If this tutorial session works out nicely, we can start voting more regularly on different crafts I cam capable of sharing with you all! Nails happens to be a very easy one for me. :)



  1. the clouds and raindrops are sooo cute!!

  2. omg I love those designs!
    great post! :)


  3. I guess we will start with the rain clouds then!


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