Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shop Spotlight: m0hu

A fun and sweet blog feature with m0hu!

I am ready for the fall and these cute knit pumpkins only made the wait harder! 

Crochet pumpkin amigurumi set of 3
crochet pumpkin amigurumi


Mohu's Creator Curator lives in South Africa and likes to make all sorts of things, including art, music, games, edible treats, and the little things that you see in the shop. Mohu is inspired by Japanese kawaii and street fashions, Chinese culture, and all things dainty and cute.

Kawaii octopus earrings in soft powder blue
kawaii octopus earrings
Are these earrings not adorable?! They are so tiny and perfect! How eccentric and cute.
Origami star book with crochet sushi cover
origami star book with sushi crochet cover
I don't think you can go wrong with sushi... but a sushi notebook is a pretty awesome idea. I'm always running around with a little notepad for jotting down ideas so something like this for all of you note takers would be fabulous. It would make a neat gift as well!

I got a special coupon code for you lovely readers!
FUZZYMOHU15 for 15% off!

Find out more over here:


  1. Cuteness, I love her Mohu's stuff! Great feature!

  2. these are adorable, I am soooo ready for fall, it is by far my favorite season..... I am having a giveaway on my blog, leave a comment to enter...have a fabulous day!

    enjoy *~*


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