Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Unify by Nicole

I came across a lovely blogger and etsian who stopped by and commented on the blog recently.
I was glad I dropped by to check out their blog-- it is beautiful and so is Unify's Nicole's work!!

About Nicole of Unify:
My name is Nicole, I'm 28, and I live Los Angeles, CA. I've been a crafter since a very young age; namely, because my mother and grandmother were also crafters. My mom taught me everything she had learned from her mother about sewing and I taught myself all the things I know about papercrafting. Running my small business and blogging is my full time job; and, I work hard day by day trying to expand my business. I'm also currently enrolled in school taking the classes I need for future endeavors. I'm obsessed with creating, and learning how to make new things; and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else than what I'm doing right now.

Cupcake Toppers, Thank You, Thank you Cupcake toppers, Big Cup of Thanks, Appreciation, set of 12
Big cup of thanks!
I love cupcake toppers-- they are adorable and festive... besides, I love little tea/coffee cups.
Nicole's work is very creative and clean. I find products from her shop elsewhere pretty often since cupcake toppers are common but hers are always surprising and innovative to me!

Baby Announcement, Pregnancy Announcement, Baby on the way, Baby Shower, Single Card
Bun in the oven baby announcement card
I just can't get over this card. Do you see how cute this is?! Oh my gosh.
The fun and youthful color scheme along with the little mustard yellow hearts and ribbon are to die for! Go check out Nicole's blog to see her work in action as well!

Out of all the lovely crafts you sell in your shop, what is your favorite to make?

My #1 favorite things to make in my shop are my greeting cards. I absolutely LOVE to make cards. I never get tired of making them and I've always got stamps, cardstock, and ribbon on my mind. Everything in my shop is fun to make, and each item I make gives me a sense of accomplishment--but working on cards calms me.

What got you into stampin' and cardmaking?

It's funny I get asked this question a lot from people that know of my first Etsy shop. I used to have a shop solely dedicated to my purses, pouches, clutches, and other sewn accessories but when my brother found out his girlfriend was pregnant I immediately started planning the baby shower, LOL. I was in charge of the decorations, the candy table, the center pieces, the party favors, and more. So one day I strolled into my local Michaels craft store and bought a 'thank you' stamp, a bumble bee stamp (it was a bumble bee theme), twine, and some cardstock--and from the moment I was hooked. I had so much fun making those tags for the party favors that I kept visiting my local craft store regularly to purchase new stamps. Soon after I had acquired a wide variety of papercrafting tools and began making cards, invitations, tags, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, and more.
( This story cracked me up Nicole...:) )

Camera case, Coin purse, wallet, change purse, Hello Kitty print, Point N Shoot Case
Hello Kitty Coin purse
If Nicole isn't talented enough, she sews as well. Coin purses are awesome-- especially for us girls. We have so much to carry around unfortunately and little sweet bags like these are great for loose change, makeup, or even a camera if you need a case!

Any tips for small businesses or etsians?

Never stop trying to grow the business and never stop trying to be better than you were yesterday. Doing that always keeps me excited with what I'm doing. Another tip is to try lots of crafts! Join friends at craft-nights, learn to sew, learn to crochet--because you never know what you'll like and what you're good at until you give everything a try. Trying different things may also help you find your niche in life.

I totally agree with just having a good time experimenting and playing with crafts... wise words Nicole! (:

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So I hope everyone enjoyed Nicole's shop as much as I did. It's super cute!
Give her blog and facebook some love!



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