Saturday, October 20, 2012

Can't Resist Children's Costumes

I absolutely love kids and these costumes make me want to rent an elementary soccer team for Halloween. Sorry i do not have links for each costume. Some I found on other sites so yeah. :\

Let's start off with my favorite:
Solemn guy from "Up":
Solemn guy from Up from pintrest
California Sushi Roll Toddler Halloween Costume  - Childrens Halloween Costume
Cute California Sushi Roll from the Wishing Elephant
Distressed ewok:
Distressed ewok from pintrest

Toddler Halloween Childrens Costume / Stay Puft Baby
Stay Puft Baby Sailor by the Wishing Elephant
Fred Flintstone Inspired Halloween Costume -  fleece - Baby child- convo for adult - Pebbles  and family too
Fred Flinstone by theholidayshoppe
Hammerhead Shark kid Halloween costume baby Halloween costume, hammer head shark
Hammerhead Shark by pipandbean

Harry Potter Gryffindor 12 mo 18Mo 2T 3T Robe Ready to SHIP
Harry Potter by toeFishy
Max from "Where The Wild Things Are" who has seen things he hopes you never see:
Max from Where the Wild Things are- pintrest

Chicken Costume 24 months 2T Fluffy Feathers
Chicken by DelilahKaye

Thanks for stopping by guys! Enjoy these other cute costumes I handpicked as well!


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  1. That first costume is sooooo cute!!! And the ewok!!! Incredibly cute...All of them! Thanks for sharing. =0)
    I'll go check out that giveaway too. I love giveaways!

  2. These are the cutest! I wonder if I could get my dog to wear any of these...

  3. I feel awful for loving cute snug outfits on dogs but yes...dog costumes are sooo cute.

  4. Oh my gosh! These are so freaken' cute! I want a baby now (jk) hehe.


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