Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fashion: A bit of fall and wonder and charity.

Our first fashion entry.  Guys-- before I start anything, I don't believe in posting and feeding people images that the media deem to be beautiful. I'm all about embracing yourself and your image so none of this anorexic runway/photo-shopped nonsense on Cheers to Novelty! 

Did some browsing and came across some odd and unique finds... :)

I will start with my casual look. And move onto my dreamy two.

With fall/winter right around the corner, I've been looking for cardigans  and layering options. Ankle military style boots are in this season! I love the color combo here with the warm brown and navy. The scarf really holds the outfit together!

I find these knee high bow socks the perfect combination of cute and sexy. Maybe it's just me. They'll keep your legs warm as well. :)

I'm also loving these over-sized sweaters to layer with a nice chunky scarf. It's always been a look I've fancied. It's simple but chic! I love how I ended up picking so many neutral tones... that's the bulk of my closet. :)

Those are my random fashion picks for the day. :) Enjoy!

I decided to post this entry early because I wanted to share a wonderful shop called Pink Wonderland with you all.

Please check out her shop and also enter this giveaway on Caked Vintage to win a $40 gift certificate to Kelsea Echo studio.

It's a wonderful cause and I would love to support it!

If you haven't already. please check out and enter our breast cancer awareness month giveaway as well!


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  1. cute knee socks! I've been looking for layering options too.


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