Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Minute Autumn Wedding Picks

More autumn wedding lovelies to share with you all!

I've been inspired by the changing leaves to make listings that are very autumn-friendly...

50 Sunflower Sunshine Origami Butterflies
Sunflower Sunshine Butterflies

And then I made myself a fall leaves garland for my window... :)

So here are some of the beautiful items I came across during my search for autumn!!

 Fall Leaves Glass Tealight Holders - Quart and Pint, set of two with tealight candles

I found these fall leaves glass tealight holders so unique and lovely.  They come in a set of two from kandscandlesandmore and I find them simply beautiful. They would add such a nice touch to the guestbook table. :)

Fall / Autumn Leaves x2 hanging decorations, quilled - Eco-friendly

You can't go wrong with eco-friendly decor-- especially ones as pretty as these quilled autumn leaves. They're so darling and I can see them hanging around off of something suspended above the guests. 
Way to go VBPureDesigns!

Cranberry Orange Soap - The Perfect Fall Scent - Handmade Herbal Soap

Who doesn't love a good bar of soap? Wouldn't these cranberry orange soaps be perfect for wedding favors? It would make the place smell yummy and match the fall color theme as well. :) I love the way AllThingsHerbal made it look as well with the color blocks and black stripe in between-- it's gorgeous! 

BRIDAL SHOWER Brown & Orange FALL Themed Invitation size  4"x6" or 5"x7" --complete digital file--

You can't have a wedding without invitations. I thought these bridal shower invites from PaperPartyCo were very elegant and simple. It's easy to read yet the floral drawings are very intricate and eye-catching.

Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving Pumpkin Upside Down Cake Pops - Great for the Holidays

I'm always getting carried away with decor ideas but food and desserts are just as important. These Pumpkin cake pops are not only adorable but easy treats to grab and eat. misslulustreats's shop has plenty of styles to choose from as well!

22 Beaded Acorns - Fall Decorations - Bowl Fillers

Last but not least, I was a little bit too overjoyed by this concept of beaded acorns.
I've never seen anything like them and they had a splash of color as such small decor. You can place them in bowls or toss a couple on each table. Isn't that lovely? Stitchcrafts's acorns would actually go really well with some stars in shop as well.

These are our current fall inspired star sets!

100 Bambi Origami Stars. Cottage Chic Rouge
100 Lady and the Tramp Origami Stars. Crimson and Scarlet

Yep! That's it for today! I kept finding more and more fall inspired wedding/party decor but the fall season is basically half way over. Too bad autumn isn't very long. :\

Enjoy everyone!



  1. Thanks for the feature on your blog. Wow! So many beautiful fall finds on Etsy.



  2. great fall decor ideas! i love fall too and wished it lasted longer(if it got cooler here in tx)
    ive also always loved Stitchcrafts beaded acorns and her felted acorns!! which inspired me to make beaded acorn earings!!

    great post!!

  3. Great fall finds! The quilled leaves are really cool, and I love the mason jar tealight holders. =0) The colors of autumn are so rich and beautiful!


  4. Fun stuff! Hadn't seen those beaded acorns before so thanks for sharing them.

  5. Those cake pops look so yummy! And those beaded acorns are delightful.

    <3 Melissa

  6. wow~ these are great fall-y~



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