Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shop Spotlight/Review of AdrienneAudrey

I recently won an adorable giveaway on AdrienneAudrey's blog for anything in her shop. I picked a darling little bottle necklace with a little message in a bottle concept! How cute right?

Alice in Wonderland Message in a Bottle Necklace with Key charm and Silver Chain
Alice in Wonderland Message in a Bottle Necklace

Now I thought I could review the necklace and talk about some of my favorite things in the shop currently.

This shop has these awesome lace necklaces! They are so fresh and chic... <3
Necklace- Ivory Lace with Brass Chain
Ivory lace brass chain

I went head over heels for this concept... I wish I wore eclectic necklaces but my wardrobe is too simple to pull this off. The golden color makes it look antiquated yet it's so shiny and new!

Golden Alice in Wonderland Doorknob and Key Necklace
Alice and Wonderland doorknob and key necklace
So my package arrived beautifully boxed in a soft blue ribbon. <3
I got a little sweet note saying that I hope I like the necklace as well... and of course... I love it!

 I wore it today and here are some photos:

What I love about this necklace:

1. The length! It's not so short that I feel cramped wearing it.

2. The bottle is about an 1" long and there's an adorable scroll inside that will not fall out of the bottle! The cork can be removed if want to remove it... but I don't see why you would have to... :D

3. The little key that accompanies the bottle is adorable and doesn't run into the bottle as much as I thought it would.

4. The chain is shiny and doesn't cinch!

5. I like the number 5 so there needs to be a number 5.

Thank you Adrienne for the giveaway!! <3

But yea!! Please go check out Adrienne's shop.

Her blog is adorable as well. Little Crafty Gnome.


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  1. Wow! These pieces are all amazing! Great review. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to go check out the shop now. =)
    Stopping by from EBT.


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