Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Shopping?! Winter Wardrobes

 Hi everyone!

Black Friday is right around the corner and let me tell you... I'm an awful shopper. It's not that I'm not capable of finding things... I just find it very tiring. I need someone to force me to go and by then, I will enjoy it but I can't seem t get myself to go on my own!

So I'm hoping I find a good shopping buddy and stock up for the long winter ahead of me...

I shop like twice a year and buy garments that can be worn year round... and well... it seems to somewhat work out to my favor...until nothing in your closet works!!! So this is what I usually do...

Things to buy:

- cardigans/ sweaters
- t-shirts
- skinny jeans/ leggings
- flats/ boots
- simple print or plain dresses/skirts

I really like this simple look of an oversized cardigan. It's so chic yet simple.

Mmmm. I love this whole outfit. It looks comfy and warm... plus the glasses are a geeky touch of awesome.

This resembles my closet looks. I like to wear simple scarves, solid tees, and cardigans with a pair of skinny jeans. Easy peasy.

This is a feminine and sweet look. It may be too cold to wear this now but I was drawn to it so I included it. I love all of the neutral shades of beige and ecru going on. Lovely.

So what do you guys look for when shopping? Do you go shopping knowing you need specific things or just go and find whatever you like? I guess I do both depending n my situation. It's more fun when you go without any expectations and come home with great finds though.

Hope the holidays are treating you all well and that you get some good ol' shopping time in!



  1. Mm i love that outfit in the last picture you posted! So cute! I'm with ya on the whole shopping is exhausting attitude! Hopefully you find some goodies with the sales that are coming up.


  2. Love, Love, LOVE the last two! I'd definitely wear them. =0)

  3. Aren't they so comfy fab?! :D I hope I find some new clothes too!


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