Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cleaning Out my Shoe Closet

Hi everyone,

Before I get started I wanted to show you all the donations we collected from the shop for last month. I collected $10 from certain sale to donate to Breast Cancer Research.  It's not much but it's something!

Here are the lovely screenshots:

Thanks for promoting and helping! Maybe next year can be bigger and better!
Back to my entry...

Everything you've ever owned that you can wear comes with a certain time of your life. It's like how when I look through my closet, I have clothes that physically fit me but mentally... not so much anymore. Oh us humans and our changing ways. :)

This is why we need the occasional spring cleaning.. even if it's not Spring.

So here I am, looking at all my shoes...

I don't know where all these stilettos came from. Sure, they are gorgeous but I still can't believe I walked around in them casually like they were sneakers for so many years. I'm completely a comfort sort of girl now.

It deserves applause!

I stick strictly to flats, wedges, and sneakers... I'm in school so honestly... heels don't play much of a role in my daily life unless I'm attending a wedding... which is also pretty rare.

So I have this issue where I look at things and their condition and say... but they aren't old enough to throw out. And then I just leave them there for another half of a year or something like that. I wish women had a shoe exchange network or something. I bet that exists and I just don't know about it.

Anyway, I finally built enough courage to throw out and or donate most of the heels I don't wear anymore. I'm not sure when I had it in me to wear 4-5" stilettos around with jeans... but those days are long gone...

But now that I'm clearing out shoes, there's room for more! :D

No matter what, I always have a pair of converse ready to go. I find them so clean cut yet they had a nice edge to the basic t-shirt and jeans. I currently have classic hightops with an added sock cuff, a gray pinstripe pair with a leather front, and ... well I think that's it.

I've been seeing a lot of walk-friendly military style boots... or ones with simple laces.

These are so cute for the fall. They remind me of beautiful ice skates oddly enough.
I think they work really well with over-sized sweaters and leggings. I need to find me some over-sized shirts that are plain-jane but pretty!!

Last but not least, I can never have enough flats.

I love simple outfits like this for school. They're a little dressy but totally still causal for a college student. I just feel better about not being a complete bum on campus...

I love this coral color-- it's definitely this fall's color of choice. But if I had to pick an outfit that was more me...

I like to stick to neutral tones with small statement earrings or a splash of color for the cardigan or scarf. I'm lazy and love messenger bags or bohemian style shoulder bags. Hehe! Love it!

What's your fall look this year? Or every year? I sure can use a shopping trip!
Too bad I go shopping like twice a year and try to get everything at once... fail.

Hope you all are better at shopping than me! I can never get myself to go!


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